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Please Love My Brand


Developing strong business values is essential to building a reputable and respectable brand. However, your business values don’t define whether your audience will like your brand. While it seems like a natural consequence of selecting positive and meaningful values, your audience can have a different experience of your brand.

Indeed, it’s important to remember that the public gets to know your brand through visible interactions and events.

Discovering your values is the result of an effective communication strategy that drives the interactions further. At the heart of that positive interaction, you need to drive potential customers to your business. The bottom line is that you need quality products, excellent customer services, attractive offers, and positive values. BUT these are likely to appear as customers begin to research your brand. In other words, you need to make a good first impression already for them to get interested in finding out more about your business. What’s the trigger that makes a brand likeable from Day One?

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Everybody can receive bad reviews

It’s the sad truth about the business world. You will receive a negative review at some time, even if you do everything right. Competitors can pay for someone to leave bad reviews about your brand. Difficult customers are likely to write unfair reviews. Someone who has encountered an issue with their order or your product may be tempted to reach out to the review system rather than contact the customer service. In other words, without an effective reputation management strategy, you are at risk of damaging your brand. Learning to identify issues before bad reviews are published or to handle unfair reviews can transform your brand perception. Indeed, future customers are likely to research online before making their decision to purchase. A brand with poor reviews could be deemed untrustworthy, even if the reviews aren’t deserved.

It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it

What does the average user do before buying from you? They check your website. As such, choosing a reliable web development company can make or break the deal. It can be tricky to find a reliable developer who can deliver on quality at the best price. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do your research thoroughly before you choose a web company for your business. Ideally, you should focus on agencies and individuals who have worked on similar projects; hence that’s what their portfolios are for. Your website needs to be easy to navigate with no HTML errors that could throw out potential customers. Indeed, engaging and informative content is pointless when the website is not up to the challenge.

They don’t trust your brand ambassadors

Your brand ambassador is someone who increases your brand awareness by leveraging their popularity to reach out to a broader audience. Instagram influencers are one of the most popular examples of brand ambassadors. Yet, if you select an ill-suited ambassador for your business, you are likely to send the wrong message to your audience. It doesn’t matter where they come from; they need to share common values with your brand.

Making people fall in love with your brand is a journey. It takes time, effort and passion. But you need to give them the chance to consider your brand in the first place. For this, you’re responsible for managing their first point of contact with your business, aka your review, your website, and your brand awareness strategy. Once you get the first step right, you can establish a winning brand.

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