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PPC Builder’s App – An App Designed and Customized For the Building and Construction Industry

by Milicent Atieno

PPC Builder’s App – An App Designed and Customized For the Building and Construction Industry
PPC Builder’s App – An App Designed and Customized For Building and Construction IndustryThe African continent has come of age in terms of appreciation of ICT application in their daily activities. An app tailor made to the needs of the building and construction industry has been developed through a partnership of PPC Cement (a leading cement supplier in southern Africa) and Digital Solutions Group (an outsourcing partner dealing with relationship marketing and multi-channel commerce). The app is known as PPC Builders App.

This app is the first app in the market that caters to the specific needs of users in the building and construction industry. It was launched during the 2013 TotallyConcrete Expo. This easy to use app gives various practical functions to professionals in the building and construction industries. Some of these functions are highlighted below:

  • Catalogue of PPC Products: With the app, the user can get all the product information of all the products from PPC Cement Company just from their mobile phone without having to such them online. The information will be display right from your device. This information includes: full product data sheets and safety information about a particular product.
  • Product Calculator: The app enables you to accurately calculate the quantity and cost of the products you will need, before you commence on your new construction project. This comes particularly handy during construction planning process and enables you to avoid incorrect calculations which can be quiet expensive and leading to slowing down the construction process.
  • Where To Buy: The app is also equipped with a store locator. Hence by using the app, you will conveniently know the closest PPC Cement store that is nearest to your current location. It can also give you advice on when you request for stores available in a particular region. In addition to this, the app will give you directions to the store.
  • PPC Foundation: Using this app, you get updates on all PPC’s current and upcoming promotions and competitions. In addition to this, you can upload pictures of your current constructions which evidently act as publicity for your construction company and a possible chance of attracting a new client for future work.
  • Flash Light: For those times when there is power blackout while you are in the midst of work inside the building and all of a sudden everything goes dark. This app comes equipped with a flashlight feature that will enable you to continue work or find your way out of the building to safety zone.
  • FAQs & Resources: You can find answers easily to possible problematic situations through the app’s glossary. This will save you time that you might have wasted searching for this answer and thus spare you from making mistakes which can be costly in construction.

The PPC Builders app is available for free from various app stores. It also works on your BlackBerry, Android and iOS. This app goes a long way in showcasing Africa’s growing appetite for apps and software development.

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