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PS5 is the Hottest Gaming Console out there – No, literally! Peaking at 65 °C/149 °F

by Felix Omondi

Here are some unconfirmed reports about Sony’s next-gen gaming console PS5 that if it turns out to be true, the company will not like the news to go around too far. Gamers who have already had early access to the console are taking to social media platforms to call out Sony on releasing the hottest gaming console out there in the market.

These reports allege that the new PlayStation 5 heats up to temperatures peaking at around 65 °C/149 °F. Yaicks, that’s hot enough for you not to want to put your hands one it for longer than 3 seconds.

Compared to other flagship gaming consoles currently out there in the market – Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S – the PS5 running too hot. That is according to an authoritative next-gen console commenter.


As expected, the post generated mixed reaction with some PS fans swearing that it was the Xbox Series that was emitting such high temperature. But according to the tweet above, it is clear that the culprit for pushing the thermometer so high is the PS5 console.

The Xbox Series S appears to be the coolest running console in this test. That is not surprising given it has the least powerful components. Its temperature peaks at 52 °C/125 °F. It is then followed by the Xbox Series X, which is again not surprising given it has some high-powered components. The Series X peaks at 62 °C/143 °F.

Both the Xbox Series S and Series X have considerably run at high temperature during their peak performances. Looking at the figures mentioned above, it would be unwise to place your goldfish bowl on top of the console. Rather it should be left out in an open space with good air circulating in and out their vents.

The PS5 runs the hottest out of the three gaming consoles in this comparison. The temperature peaks at 65 °C/149 °F. That is nothing short of scalding, and were Sony not have fitted a decent cooling system. It is safe to say the gaming console would not last long as the high temperature will simply fry internal components.

While it is true the PS5 runs at the highest temperatures, it might also mean it has the most powerful components out of the three. And in keeping with tradition, the first release of a specific generation of console is often marred with mishaps. Sony later fixes these mishaps in subsequent releases of the same console generation.

That was the case with the PS4 original vs. PS4 Slim vs. PS4 Pro, with each successive release being either more power powerful, features-rich or consuming less power.

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