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Replica Lightsaber: 5 Tips for An Amazing Lightsaber Dueling


What’s one thing that almost every Star Wars fan wants in their collection? If you’re thinking of a lightsaber, then you’re right. As soon as the first lightsaber was shown on the big screen, many of the viewers dreamed about wielding their own lightsaber.

And it isn’t just kids who want to play with lightsabers these days. Even adult fans invest a lot of time and money in their Star Wars collections and hobbies. One of these fan-based activities is lightsaber dueling, which has become a serious sport for many people. If this is something you’re interested in getting into or getting better at, here are some things you’ll need and tips you could consider:

1. Realistic Lightsabers At Home

Now that there’s a significant market for dueling sabers and replicas, manufacturers are busy creating sabers for every customer looking to customize their own build or have a similar copy from their favorite character. If you want to get into dueling, you’ll need to get yourself a lightsaber that’s well made and meant for dueling.

To really immerse yourself in a lightsaber duel, you need a realistic replica saber that looks and sounds like the real thing. No matter who your favorite Star Wars character is, you want the right color and sound effects to match. Galaxy Sabers is a lightsaber company in the UK offering a wide range of combat lightsabers for all of the main characters, so you can feel like you’re in a real duel. They can make a saber that looks and sounds just like the real thing since they have dual-grade materials as well as a wide variety of designs.

NeoPixel lightsaber from Galaxy Sabers

No matter what kind of hilt, color, and design you get, here are some things to consider if you plan to use them for dueling:

  • High-Impact Polycarbonate Blade

Look for a high-impact polycarbonate blade. Depending on the lightsaber company, they could be labeled as heavy grade or ultra-edge heavy grade PC. These blades won’t shatter, bend, or break as easily as other blades that are lightweight or only meant for displays. It’s not only to make sure that your blade can withstand impact or blow strikes, but it’s also to make dueling safer.

  • Durable Hardware And Electronics

The next thing you’ll need to ensure is the quality of the hardware and electronics. Because you’ll be swinging it around and hitting it on surfaces, the hardware will need to be durable. For example, the hilt will need to be high-quality because you’ll be holding onto that part the most. It’s also going to protect the electronic pieces inside such as the soundboard, battery, and more. And because of so many features, it’s understandable why it makes for a perfect gift for a Star Wars fan.

  • Motion Activated Light And Sound Effects

Another thing you’ll want for an amazing lightsaber duel is the effects, namely the light and sound. If you think about it, the flashy effects and buzzing sounds are some of the things that make lightsaber duels iconic. You might also notice that each lightsaber has a unique sound, which is something you might want to replicate if you’re trying to achieve the same effect. Flashing light effects and sound effects should also vary depending on the motion of the blade or how heavy the impact is.

2. Work On Your Moves

Getting the right lightsaber is one thing, but you’ll also need to work on the physical aspect of it. There are seven lightsaber fighting styles, some are more acrobatic while others are more straightforward. It might be hard to differentiate the fighting styles at first, but there are many lightsaber dueling experts and fans out there who make great videos for the public to see.

Watching these videos won’t just educate you on the rules and basics of lightsaber duels, but they’re also entertaining and inspiring. This might even fire you up so you could have a great time practicing some moves such as strikes, blocks, swings, spins, and jumps at home. Just make sure you’re in a wide space to avoid any accidents. Once you’ve practiced and perfected your moves, you can show them off and apply them in combat.

3. Enroll In Formal Training

As mentioned, there are plenty of people who love lightsaber duels so much that they study and practice it as a combat style. And from there, they built schools where more people can learn how to duel with a lightsaber. If you want to practice and learn the proper forms and moves, then you might want to enroll in formal training. This way, you can separate yourself from amateur duelists and formally trained ones.

4. Keep Your Hand On The Hilt

One of the biggest signs that a duelist doesn’t know what they’re doing is dropping their saber all the time. It’s not just a sign of inexperience, but it’s also going to leave you defenseless. To keep this from happening, make sure that you keep a tight grip on the hilt at all times. If you notice that your grip is slipping, you might need to choose a lightsaber hilt grip wrap that can help reduce slippage.

5. Be Sure To Follow Safety Rules

Another thing you’ll want to do when dueling is to study and implement safety rules. A lightsaber duel won’t look as cool if the parties don’t follow rules. For instance, if you don’t ensure that your hilt and blade are attached correctly, it can fly off and look funny. But more importantly, this can be dangerous because the blade can hit someone and possibly even injure them.

To make sure that a duel goes smoothly, here are some important rules:

  • Use dueling lightsabers
  • Make sure they’re in dueling condition
  • Ensure that the blade is attached to the hilt securely
  • Wear clothes appropriate for dueling
  • Be prepared for minor injuries and scratches
  • Have a first aid kit prepared

While looking cool is something you’ll want in a lightsaber duel, it’s more important to ensure that participants and spectators are safe. To do this, understanding rules and taking them seriously should be the top priority for participants.


Many Star Wars fans get excited for a good fighting scene, especially a lightsaber duel. So, it’s understandable why many fans want to have their own lightsabers, either for display or for dueling. But to do this, you’ll need to do some research and prepare to make sure you have the proper dueling saber. Also, have the knowledge and skill to correctly execute some basic moves. And if you want to become a more advanced duelist, you could go for formal training if it’s possible for you. f

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