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Scholarships For Those Pursuing S.T.E.M

by Funke Oyelade

Scholarships for those pursuing S.T.E.MFor those pursuing higher education, the cost of college is not cheap. In fact, it continues to increase yearly. Whether you are already in college or about to enter college, now is the time to hustle for money to pay for college. There are ways to receive aid: FASFA, make sure you have filled it out and always fill it out early, Scholarships, Grants, Work Study, financial aid from universities or colleges, grants, and more. There is nothing wrong with taking out loans, but let them be your last option. From one graduate to another, I will be providing links to scholarships with a few descriptions. Since it’s all about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, the scholarships will be focusing on these areas.

  1. Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association, Washington, DC chapter

This a scholarship geared toward students, high school seniors entering college and two year community college students transferring to four year universities, who live within the District of Columbia, some parts of Maryland and Virginia. All S.T.E.M fields are covered under this scholarship, except for Biology and Bio-Medical Engineers. Think about how far $2,000 or $4,000 can go toward paying for college. You won’t know unless you fill out the application here.

  1. ASHRAE Undergraduate Engineering Scholarship

For all you engineers out there, this is for you. ASHRAE is about innovation and technology and clearly engineers are key players in this mission. The scholarship is for full-time students pursuing a B.S. in Engineering. There is more to the criteria so be sure to read this link and meet the deadline.

  1. The Gates Millennium Scholars Program

Just from the name I’m sure many would love to get this scholarship. The 2014 application is closed, but you can get a head start for 2015 because the application will be available this August.  Bookmark or visit regularly, there website,, but before you do that make sure you meet their eligibility requirements.

  1. Oracle America, Inc. Corporate Scholarship 2014

You must be a High School senior or undergraduate student in order to qualify for this scholarship. Engineering, Computer or Information Science, Computer Engineering or Mathematics majors are all welcomed to apply. The deadline is June 30th and the list of requirements can be read here.


This site,, allows you to search for scholarships by state and study level: community college, undergraduate, and so on. I think this is a great way to search for what you need without having to sift through a bunch of scholarships.

Scholarships for those pursuing S.T.E.M

When applying for financial aid never take just one route. If you fill out FASFA go to your school’s financial aid office and inquire about scholarships and grants they have. If you have to pay for school and work look for work study as well. Create accounts on and and more. If you know of any more scholarships, scholarship sites, or any tips to pay for school please leave a comment below. Good luck!

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