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 Best iPhone Apps of June 2014

by Fahad Saleem

  Best iPhone Apps of June 2014

iOS has continued the trend of serving its customers with a lot of innovative, cool, and smart apps for its devices during last month. Plenty of games and multimedia apps were released for iOS in June. Some of the best apps in this regard are briefly highlighted below.


This is a simple sound sharing app that records up to 3 minutes of sound wherever you go, and keep on updating sound of latest 3 minutes while deleting the previous audio segments. You can save the important parts when you desire.


This is a wonderful camera app for iPhones that provides unlimited media storage through automatic storage of photos and videos. It is available completely free, and will provide unlimited features for everyone. This app stores media files directly on the cloud based server, and doesn’t consume your camera roll’s space.

ios apps 2


It is a social online bookmarking platform that is community based and lets you save all the tunes across the internet including websites like Vimeo, SoundCloud, YouTube, while chatting with other Why’d users about your music taste.

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Path Talk

This is yet another standalone messaging app following the footsteps of Facebook. Very much like any other chatting app, this app allows you to converse with your family, friends, and groups with messages that are automatically removed from the servers of the app within 24 hours.

ios apps 4


This app allows you to show your friends some of the wonderful snapshots that you have captured with your camera with the control in your hands to decide which pictures to show. It creates a separate photo album for showing to your friends from your camera roll.

ios apps 5


This app may be referred to as a antivirus for billing systems. It spies over your monthly or annually bills and alerts you whenever there are hidden charges imposed on you such as billing errors, hidden fees, fraud on your credit, or other scams.

Ginger Page

It is a wonderful language enhancement tool that makes it easier for you to write English correctly. Learners would be as good as native speakers after using this app. It offers tools to rephrase certain words and provides contextual synonyms also.

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This is an innovative video editing app that seems to be inspired by Vine with its “tap-and-hold” recording service. You can record square format skits of 15 seconds.

ios apps 8Checkout the Best iPhone Apps of June 2014 and give us your opinion below.

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