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Selecting the Best Cable Modem


You can either buy your cable modem or rent one from a reliable company. However, picking the right cable modem can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know the factors that make it outstanding. The guide below will help in the selection process and ensure you get value for your money.

DOCSIS protocols

DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications) measures the standard interface in a cable modem that allows the modem to provide you with internet access. All modem cables, such as the NETGEAR CM1000, have a specific DOCSIS of either 3.0 or 3.1 protocols.

The 3.0 protocol is the standard that most consumers use to support a broadband speed of 66Mbps. The 3.1 protocol is useful if you have an internet speed of 1,000 Mbps and above.

The speed

The speed of a modem cable can be classified as either upload or download speed. Most manufacturers only state the download speed in their specifications and fail to state the upload speed. If a modem cable has a download of 1 gigabit, it merely means that it can obtain up to 1,000 Mbps from your network.  The upload speed is always lower than the download speed.

High speeds need to match with the speed of your ISP network. In the selection process, consider the speed of your network before purchasing.

The channels

A modem can either have downstream or upstream channels, which are represented by numbers. The description of the channels can range from 8 by 4 up to 32 by 8. The first number in the description represents the downstream channels, while the other one is the upstream channels. The downstream channels imply the download data your ISP can achieve in a specific time.

A suitable modem should have an average of 16 downstream channels. One with below 16 is underpowered and will lack efficiency.

ISP compatibility

You need to ensure that your modem cable is compatible with your residential or commercial ISP.  Most brands offer modem cable that is compatible with any ISP. However, small companies that are not well established may offer products that are not versatile. Such modem cables will only connect with some networks. 


Security is an issue when selecting any digital product. Since the modem cable requires a connection to your internet, there is a need to ensure that the connection is safe. Fraudsters can use unsecured systems to gain access to your confidential data.

There is no sure way to ensure that the product you are purchasing is safe. But reputable brands often offer guaranteed products, and you should consider buying from them. You can also contact your ISP provider and seek professional advice on safe cables to connect to your internet.

Bottom Line

When purchasing a modem cable, the significant factors to consider are; DOCSIS protocols, speed, ISP compatibility, and security. They are also very many brands in the market, and there is a need to ensure you purchase from reputable ones. With those factors in mind and a reasonable budget, you can find the best product that meets your needs.

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