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Microsoft unveils Surface Duo, a Dual-Screen Device, proving it didn’t quite tap out of Mobile Devices race

by Felix Omondi

Today, Microsoft unveils the Surface Duo, a dual-screen device for those who want to work while on the go on big-screen devices

In October 2019, we got wind Microsoft is gearing up to launch a Surface phone. That was big news given the Redmond tech giant seemed to have called it quits with the mobile device race. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS proved are just too competitive to allow a third player in the market. Hence the disastrous performance of Microsoft attempts Windows Phone, but with the latest release of Surface Duo, it seems the company hasn’t lost all hopes.

The dual-screen device debuts today, and most people seem to refer to it as the Surface Phone. Pre-orders have already begun, but the official availability of the device will begin come September 10 and going forward.

The Surface Duo Features and Pricing

As we said, most people are likely to refer to the device as the Surface phone. Although the official Microsoft-given name is the Surface Duo. Be that as it may, the device packs the following features:

The device has a 5.6-inch dual display with 100% SRGB and DCI-P3 support

Weighs in at about 250 grams without the cover

Powered by a 3577mAh battery that Microsoft promises will deliver 15.5 hours of video playback, 27 hours of voice talk time, and ten days in standby mode

The Surface Duo comes with Fast Charging capability. It comes with an 18W power adapter in the box

It features a single speaker for sound output

Has dual-mic featuring noise suppression and echo cancellation ability

Dual-SIM support (Nano-SIM + eSIM)

Has a single 11MP snapper with F2.0 1.0um support

It supports all models of the Surface Pen

The $1,399 Start Price

To be the proud owner of the new Surface Duo, you will have to part with at least $1,399. Yep, right in the deep of a global pandemic, Microsoft wants you to dig that deep into your pockets. Perhaps that steep price starting point is justified by stellar features on the phone including:

Two 5.6” AMOLED high-resolution (1800×1350) display with Corning Gorilla Glass cover. The dual-display folds out to make a big 8.1” display with 401 dpi.

A lot of engineering ingenuity went into the construction of the device, including a custom 360-degree hinge design to allow for the impressive fold out. The device also features custom antennas and wiring to make the dual-display device function flawlessly.

It features both a 4G phone and Wi-Fi 5 wireless connectivity. All in a sleek device that is less than 5mm thin, and folds in at the center.

Too bad Microsoft didn’t opt for the newer Wi-Fi 6 and let’s not get started on the low 11MP camera. However, Microsoft is targeting super fans of its Surface-line of devices and Microsoft 365 users. Who are least likely to frown upon the low snapper specifications and lack of support for the cutting edge wireless connectivity.

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Though it Looks & Quacks like Duck… Microsoft won’t call it Smartphone

Microsoft has been quite careful not to use the word smartphone in describing the Surface Duo. But let us not kid ourselves, the device (Surface Phone) looks like and works like a phone. Though Microsoft’s selling point for the device is a multi-screen mobile device for work on the go.

The device also has unrivaled mobile-device connectivity to a Windows 10 PC. Much better than any Android device can connect to your computer via the Your Phone app. No doubt Microsoft has been working extra hard to please Android users; more than its now defunct Windows Phone users.

You only need to look at the positive reviews the Microsoft Launcher app for Android is receiving on Google Play Store. It is among the top-rated launchers available for Android. Then there are the plethora of apps, Microsoft keeps churning out for the Android ecosystem. Compared to the apps available for its Windows Phone platform, there is a stack difference as day and night.

Did Microsoft quit the Mobile Race or implanting Trojans into the competition?

Will it be wild out there to think Microsoft wants to win the mobile race by destroying the competition from within? If you take a look at the number of stellar apps, Microsoft keeps releasing for its competitors’ platforms, and now the release of the Surface Duo.

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