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Seven Tech Savvy Hotel Amenities That Could Boost Your Guest Numbers


Seven Tech Savvy Hotel Amenities That Could Boost Your Guest Numbers

For hotel owners and related stakeholders, the saying ‘reputation is revenue’ cannot be emphasized enough; what your guest sees is what your guest tells! From the moment of placing a booking to the check-out date, you will want to give your guest an experience that will compel them to leave a thumbs up on review pages. One of the best bets in advanced guest service is through technology, because whether a geek-head or still lurking in the age of neo-luddites. Technology blissfully fulfills the traveler’s affinity for instant satisfaction! Here is a list of gadgets and gadgetry that, as illustrates, will play a big role in attracting the new generation of tech savvy traveler to your property.

Seven Tech Savvy Hotel Amenities That Could Boost Your Guest NumbersFast, Wireless Internet Connection

Whether Attending a conference, or taking a leisure stay on a beach resort, nothing beats the idea of not just reliable but really speedy internet connection that will keep you at pace with the rest of the world.

Speeches and quotes on twitter, braggies on Instagram, videos for family as well as Skype chats and usual updates all at the guest’s fingertips will certainly give you more traction on guest review platforms like trip advisor, Trust Pilot, Expedia etc.

Business Center/On-Site IT Support

In this new age of Meetings, Incentive and Conference Tourism (MICE), it’s imperative for hotels targeting this niche to go beyond executive boardroom seating and bottled water! Create space next to the conference hall where members can rush in for quick printing, scanning or photocopy as well as fax services (for those still in the era). A cyber café will also come in handy for those tasks that cannot be achieved through the all-knowing smartphone.

Seven Tech Savvy Hotel Amenities That Could Boost Your Guest NumbersCinematic-View Tvs and Media Functionality

Take your guest’s love for tv to a whole different level, and there you will have a lifetime score on customer-loyalty board! Hotels have long moved from the ancient analogue boxes to future smart tvs in both design and utility. Starting from 3D viewing to gigantic screen sizes that keep guests holed in their room with their only regret being the check-out date. Media functionalities such as iPod docking systems, IM, web browsing, video-on-demand services and game consoles will not only assure your tech-savvy guests that they are in the right place, but will also earn you a unique position among your competitors.

Seven Tech Savvy Hotel Amenities That Could Boost Your Guest NumbersPoint of Sale Systems and Vending Machines

From airtime to movie tickets, cosmetic products, baby basics, tobacco, cigarettes and taxi services, it would be great if your hotel stood out of the clutter through actively anticipating guest needs and proactively meeting them at the point of need.

Keep records of the goods in high demand, customer recommendations as well as staff observations to help you service current trends during any given season.

Key-Less Locks and Creston Technology

Seven Tech Savvy Hotel Amenities That Could Boost Your Guest NumbersAll in room advancement and upgrading. Gone are the days when guests would walk around encumbered with ancient key-straps bearing illegible digit for room numbering. So, on top of spectacular views from my cottage and updates of my view right now, both techies and non-techies will ultimately enjoy the convenience and grandeur in automated drapery, programmable air conditioning, lighting as well as water temperatures and music. Do not forget however, nothing robotic or automated beats warm and welcoming service with a human face! Invest as much in your staff.

Product Registration and Engaging Hotel Apps

While product registration center will ensure that your guests get quick response and help with their gadgets such as laptops, ipads, cameras and smartphones, gifting them with a virtual tour of the lofts and lifts in your property from the comfort of queen-size beds (get the point?) leaves a great and unforgettable experience to take home. Virtual tours can be part of your hotel app that should be easily accessible and at no extra charge the moment a guest signs into his/her room. Throw in a few extras such as room service, insightful tips, special scores and you will have found the guest a second home in your hotel!

Finally, Good Old Central Gadget Charging System

Seven Tech Savvy Hotel Amenities That Could Boost Your Guest NumbersAs part of regular aviation safety systems progression, authorities worldwide are adapting an “all devices turned on” rule which could lead to confiscation of non-functional (commonly referred to as dead) electronic devices or worse still, turning away errant travelers.

To ensure that you are not subjected to this or intrusive security screenings, make sure that your gadgets are fully charged and turned on before you hail a taxi down to the airport.

That’s as far as the airport goes. I’ve read enough hilarious as well as bizarre demands by guests with dead gadgets. Ensure your guests do not test your patience by installing central charging systems in the lounges, rooms, pool decks etc.

While all the above point to advancing service for the guests, it’s also important to equally invest in your staff, explains Elizabeth Mbugua Head of Customer Service for  Mobile check in options, digital menus, virtual tours and online help menus will go a long way in creating a happy staff, happy guest establishment. “Mobile devices and other tech oriented gadgets can help ease off the burden of service on the waiting staff and the concierge while creating convenience for the guest” She concludes.

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