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Simplify your PDF Workflow with These 10 ChatGPT PDF Plugins

by Felix Omondi

PDFs are a staple in our digital lives, simplifying access to information from books and graphs to reports and manuals. However, their complexity can sometimes hinder our interaction. Whether dealing with lengthy documents or deciphering scanned text, challenges abound. Fortunately, ChatGPT offers a suite of AI-powered plugins to make these tasks a breeze.

  1. Invoice Pilot

Invoice Pilot streamlines invoicing with automated features like invoice creation, customization, and PDF generation for sharing. To utilize this plugin, input your business info and invoice details, and let the plugin guide you through creation. Displayed is an example of an invoice link for consulting services, benefiting businesses and freelancers.

  1. AAA Summarize

AAA Summarize extends beyond PDFs, summarizing web pages and videos. This plugin facilitates quick content digestion, aiding in skipping lengthy reads or watches. By providing a video URL, the plugin generates insights from the transcript, offers page summaries, and navigates to specific sections. An instance reveals content summarization from Apple’s Vision Pro launch video.

  1. MixerBox ChatPDF

MixerBox ChatPDF is a versatile plugin enabling document interaction in various ways, such as summarization, translation, and deep insights extraction. Just input the PDF URL into ChatGPT, and a unique document ID is generated after processing. This ID serves as a reference for querying the document. The plugin example demonstrates summarization and English-to-Spanish translation.

  1. AskYourPDF

AskYourPDF serves as an AI extension of an application designed to enhance PDF interaction. By pasting a URL or uploading a local PDF, the plugin extracts insights and aids navigation. A pro version grants access to deeper insights. The displayed interaction illustrates data extraction from a PDF document after uploading.

  1. Resume Copilot

Resume Copilot eases resume writing, generating ATS-friendly resumes with relevant keywords. By uploading a resume and seeking recommendations, the plugin analyzes and answers queries based on the data.

  1. ChatOCR

ChatOCR employs Optical Character Recognition to extract information from PDFs, photos, and handwritten notes. This plugin not only tackles standard PDFs but also text within images. It’s shown extracting text from a PDF screenshot. Usage involves account creation and waiting for the OCR process to complete.

  1. AccuratePDF

AccuratePDF, powered by Avian, enables interactive PDF conversations. It handles PDFs of all sizes, languages, and topics, providing accurate quotes and citations. By sharing a document URL, you can gain deep insights.

  1. Ai PDF Assistant

Facilitating swift data extraction and fact-checking from PDFs, Ai PDF is a ChatGPT Plugin built to handle large documents efficiently. You can instruct ChatGPT to furnish the desired information or generate a concise summary by inputting the document URL and enabling the plugin. A sample interaction showcases the plugin extracting statistics from a 2022 IBM PDF on data breach costs.

  1. A+ Doc Maker

A+ Doc Maker leverages AI to simplify creation, supporting formats like PDFs, Word documents, and Excel sheets. Paste content into ChatGPT, provide context and design instructions, and the tool generates the document, sharing its URL for downloading.

  1. Converter App

Converter App aids with currency conversions, exchange rate charts, and transforming files into PDFs. Paste a source file URL into ChatGPT with the plugin enabled, and it generates a PDF. It also supports text summarization and PDF manipulation.

Elevate your productivity with ChatGPT’s PDF plugins. These versatile tools offer a spectrum of capabilities, from text summarization to document citation to invoice generation. While these are just a glimpse, they exemplify the potential of these plugins. Embrace these resources to enhance your productivity.

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