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How to Fix ‘Too Many Requests in 1 Hour’ ChatGPT Error

by Felix Omondi

Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

The ChatGPT AI has completely revolutionized virtually all spaces where creatively written texts are required. A struggling writer can become a top-tier writer in an instant. Provided they know how to ask the right questions and in the right manner. They will get the right content churned out.

However, when you start relying on it too much, you get hit by errors such as ‘Too Many Requests in 1 Hour’ or ‘Too many requests in an hour. Try again later.’ At this point, your writing stardom bursts like a bubble pricked by a toothpick.

This article will show you a few workarounds for the ‘Too Many Request in 1 Hour’ error by ChatGPT. Without further fluffs, let us get right down to it:

1. Use a Second, Third, Fourth … ChatGPT Account

The free version of ChatGPT obviously comes with some limitations. One of which is the user’s duration. It’s a no-brainer; the founders want you to pay for the premium package for them to profit from their creation.

Suppose going premium is not an option for you, and you have maxed out your free time usage. The next option is to open a different account (or accounts) and keep switching in between each whenever you’ve maxed out your time on a particular account.

You can open two or three accounts under the freemium plan. The limitations on just how many accounts you can open fall completely at your discretion. It is also not within the scope of this article.

2. Refresh the Web Page

Ever since the done of technology, a simple reboot has always solved some problems in some unexplained manner. Since ChatGPT is a web-based application, a reboot is not just unnecessary but also will be an overkill.

A simple web page refresh has been documented to fix the ‘Too Many Request in 1 Hour’ error. This article will not get into the nerd details, but a simple web refresh sometimes fixes errors with the web page regarding cache and other system memory and indexing errors.

3. Confirm if ChatGPT is Down

There are times when you can’t access ChatGPT because the OpenAI’s servers for the service are down. In this case, no one – either freemium or premium – can access the service. So the next time you find yourself unable to access the service and have tried the above tips. Head to the OpenAI website to see if their ChatGPT servers are up and running.

4. Use ChatGPT Alaternative

The beauty of technology is that there is always another competing alternative. If you cannot access ChatGPT, we can advise you to substitute it with Bing Chat AI. It works more or less like ChatGPT, so you should feel at home right away.

However, to use Bing Chat AI, Microsoft forces you to be on the Edge browser. Nonetheless, we have discovered a workaround to use Bing Chat AI on the Chrome browser. So be on the lookout for our follow-up article on that topic.

5. You could just wait for that 1 Hour

Yes, ChatGPT might say you have maxed out your time and you need to try again after an hour. You could simply just wait for that one hour!

Wrapping up

It goes without saying that OpenAI wishes to monetize its creation and profit from it. The ‘Too Many Request in 1 Hour’ error is just a soft enticement to get you to subscribe to their premium package.

At the end of the day, there are so many tricks you can have up your sleeves. To get the full unrestricted power of ChatGPT, you might consider paying for the premium package.

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