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Keyboards with innovative design suitable for special case usage

by Felix Omondi

The modern world we live in is run by computers. From the way we talk to our family and friends, how we do business, and how we travel among others. However, the traditional desktop computer is not a one size shoe that fits all.

For some, a desktop will do just fine. Then there are those who would rather have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Whatever fits your interest, when it comes to typing in content, nothing can surpass the good old keyboard.

Even so, the traditional keyboard is yet another shoe that won’t fit all in diverse situations. Below are some unconventional keyboard designs that we think ought to increase your basket of choice if you are looking for that unique keyboard.

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboardkeyboard

This Universal Foldable Keyboard by Microsoft is a wireless and compact enough to fit into the standard purse pocket. It has the ability to connect to two mobile devices simultaneously and switching from one to the other is simply at the press of a button.

It has Bluetooth 4.0 so you won’t have to worry about all the wires getting in the way and at the same time that makes it power efficient. The keyboard is also spill resistant, and in case some water or coffee spills to it, a simple wipe by a piece of fabric will do.

The device is powered by a rechargeable battery that can run up to three months on a single charge. It is compatible with a wide range of Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. You can get your hand on this keyboard for just $94.99 from Amazon.

Sungwoo Foldable Silicone Keyboardkeyboard

These days you can even get a foldable keyboard, made of soft and flexible material. Meaning it can easily fit into small space in your bag or purse, and deployed whenever you want to use it. Though this model by Sungwoo is wired, which can be a deal breaker for some users.

The keyboard weighs just 7 ounces with dimensions of 15.9×4.7×0.5 inches. The soft silicone material that makes up the keyboard is highly intense and elastic, though stretching and twisting the board is discouraged.

You can get this keyboard from Amazon for only $13.99.

Logitech k480keyboard

This keyboard promises to be your multi-device wireless typing gadget; which is to say it can be used with virtually any device. It has a slot for placing your smartphone or tablet while you are typing, but you will have to use it while lying on a hard flat surface like a tabletop.

It also connects to multiple devices simultaneously with a switch to change from one device to the other. Its Bluetooth can connect with devices within a 10 meters radius. It is powered by two AAA batteries, which are said to last for more than two years. You can get the keyboard at $21 from Amazon.

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