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Steps to Improved Search Engine Ranking


More and more companies are aware of the importance of search engine optimization. Increasing potential exposure will make it easier for your content to be indexed. Google has a classification system based on its own algorithms to find the most relevant websites for the user’s query. Among the strategies to achieve the highest score in the Google rankings are: use of the right context, descriptive titles, keywords, links, relevant content, videos, comment blogs, sitemaps, and syndication, all to increase your search ranking in Google.

Using Sitemaps

The use of sitemaps is another important area to influence SEO and is used by almost all sites, a way to organize a website where search engines can crawl URLs more efficiently. Generating quality backlinks by signing up for web directories and sharing your site on different popular social sites will increase Page Rank. Google evaluates websites every two to three months and gives a position.

Better Positioning

The use of content is essential in positioning by keywords. A selection of suitable words will provide metadata about the pages to the search engine spiders. If a word is searched frequently, then it will obtain a greater probability that the site will be visited. Being in the first results of Google should be our priority. There are other aspects that influence positioning such as syndication that is used to promote your brands and by distributing videos to websites like YouTube, you can significantly increase traffic.

SEO Actions to Take With Web Positioning

Here are some tips for better web positioning. Develop quality content, not only thinking for search engines but also thinking for users. Before doing your project try to think for example: where are you going to host your website, what speed will your server give you, and what technology will you design the website in, Html, PHP. Your website will have space for blogs, news, forum, etc.

Easy Navigation

Make a design easy to navigate for users and spiders, design a clear navigation structure, create different content for each page. Develop a quality link strategy, register your website in the different directories, and link your website with the search terms for which you want to position your website in Google.


Last, but not least, according to Calgary SEO, try your best to avoid getting your website penalized. Search engines and especially Google know perfectly well that web designers will do things for deceiving the algorithms of the search engine on a daily basis. For this reason, Google has multiple tools to detect these deceptions. Once it detects these deceptive activities, the website owner will be penalized.

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