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Take your Food Truck Business into the Future with These Tech Investments


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Food trucks that typically require small overlays and are adaptable to a wide range of locations and requirements are becoming an increasingly tempting startup option as other industries struggle to adapt to new business landscapes. Certainly, the idea of complete control in a food truck that sees your business moving along with you regardless of specific challenges can feel like a reassuring prospect right now. The trouble is that, in many cases, certain overlooked areas can still see this seemingly promising startup niche failing to get off the ground.

An assumption that tried and tested traditional food truck models are still viable has especially seen countless startups here struggling. That’s because, in actual fact, food truck businesses have had to adapt as much as any other industry, if in less openly obvious ways. To prove as much, we’re going to consider just three technologies that are now crucial for the behind-the-scenes success of any budding food truck enterprise.

# 1 – Mobile POS systems

Image Source: CC0 License

To some extent, mobile point of sales systems are nothing new for food trucks that have long had to step away from cash-only offerings. That said, the smartest possible mobile POS systems for food trucks are now fundamental, and should both make it possible to accept payments on the go, and provide additional crucial benefits like analytics-based sales reports. This is the only possible way to both better track passing clients and ensure smooth service that keeps everyone so happy that your reputation should hopefully soon start to precede you.

# 2 – Food truck locators

An increasing need for local SEO also means that food truck locator apps like Food Truck Fiesta are crucial for boosting business. Obviously, static food truck owners don’t need to worry so much about this and can make do with a standard My Business listing on Google. For roaming food truckers, though, the right mobile locators are the only possible way to ensure that loyal audiences can continue to follow your journey. This, in turn, can more effectively result in the customer lifetime value CLV on which success rests.

# 3 – Cloud-based event management software

Food trucks like Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe have also proven of late the value of investing in cloud-based event management software for the more effective management of everything from food festival appearances to special discount days and beyond. Food truck enterprises that regularly move from one city to another can especially benefit from event management software that enables more streamlined, automated booking processes among top city contenders. By helping to spread a more professional impression across B2B interactions than manual processes that are often slow and rife with mistakes, this tech integration especially ensures lasting and lucrative relationships in locations where you can then ensure work whenever you visit.

Food trucks are a fantastic and freeing business option in an uncertain age of operations, but make sure that you’re enjoying the full benefits on offer by bringing the right tech on board from the moment you light up your truck-based stoves!

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