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Tech808 Conference New York Chapter | Nov. 9, 2015

by Felix Omondi
Tech808 Conference Bringing Together Seasoned Hip Hop Artists & Entrepreneurs To New York | Nov. 15

If you have a passion for making good music and would like to turn it into a rewarding entrepreneurial venture, then Tech808 conference is a must attend for you. Tech808 is the only conference where the music industry and entrepreneurship merge, with the view of helping upcoming and underdog artists, scale up their hustle in the music industry.

Tech808 mainly focuses on the Hip Hop music genre and help artists build up music businesses they can be proud of. On November 9, 2015, The Phat Startup in collaboration with the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University will set up the Tech808 conference in New York. Bringing together a diverse range of industry leaders and startup founders all from hip-hop background to mentor and educate the community on matters entrepreneurship.

Attendees at the conference will get a front row seat to how seasoned entrepreneurs in the hip hop artists are succeeding in the music industry. The speakers will not be billionaire hip-hop artists that have been in the industry for decades and have a network of people and companies helping them build their dream. No, you will not find the like of Jay-Z or P Diddy the established empires, that were made ages ago when the dynamics and challenges in the music industry were different.

Instead, you will find seasoned hip-hop artists who are currently doing their thing in their trenches and with skillful, witty tactics they are disrupting the music industry RIGHT NOW. Each of the speakers’ talk will leave you inspired and armed with tactics to take on the challenges that have been pinning down your music career.

Featured speakers at Tech808 NYTech808 Conference Bringing Together Seasoned Hip Hop Artists & Entrepreneurs To New York | Nov. 15

The featured speakers will not be trying to sell you their individual dreams. No, instead they will be arming you and giving you knowledge gained from experience in the industry. Using that knowledge, you can also build your dream from ground-up as you avoid the pitfalls they had to learn to avoid in painful ways.

Of course the fact that the conference will bring together many hip hop artists, music lovers and entrepreneurs, means that it will be an opportune moment to cast a wider net for networking. So come prepared with your business card and your networking game on. Don’t leave the event without having established a professional relationship with someone that can open the right doors or put you in front of the right people to push your musical career step higher.

About The Phat Startup

The Phat Startup is Media Company that gives premium education service to individual aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs. The company does provide workshops, online education and live events in the spirit of Hip Hop.

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