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TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield 2015, Applications open till November 15th

by Felix Omondi

TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield 2015, Applications open till November 15th

TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield 2015, Applications open till November 15thThe Hardware Battlefield is an event for showcasing the latest techie’s hardware and software development in front of the TechCrunch’s panel of judges and audience. The event welcomes developers from around the world to pitch their inventions at the Hardware Battlefield 2015; the time for submitting your inventions ends November 15th, 2014 at exactly 9pm PT.

To be eligible to participate at the event, you must have a functional prototype of your invention that you will pitch before the selection committee. Preference will be given to participants/companies that are launching their prototype for the first time to the public eyes and the press. TechCrunch considers new products from already existing companies to be more significant, while companies that are only rolling out a new set of features will not qualify for selection.

Applicants are encouraged to make submissions including a video demo. If you are not in a position to submit a high quality video demo, a camera phone video or screen captures will suffice. As long as you can demonstrate step by step how your hardware or software functions. Even if your final prototype is not ready yet, or has limited features, the submission is still welcomed.

You will neither be required to pay any money in order to participate in the selection, nor will your submissions confidentiality be compromised unless with your permission. The selected finalists will be notified after about a month from the closing date of submission (Nov. 15th). Companies that don’t make the cut for selection will also be notified.

The Hardware Battlefield conference will take place in January 6th – 9th, 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. Prior to the main event, the selected team will be taken through a minimum of two pitch coaching sessions. These sessions will prepare the teams to effectively communicate their product and vision to the TechCrunch panel of judges and audience. These preps may entail TechCrunch’s personnel travelling to your area, or you travelling to a nearby city/state, since personal coaching proves to be the most effective.

Two days before the conference, the teams will be required to set up on-site, where technical checkups will be done to ensure products, demos and the teams look are ready. On the first day of the conference your team will be given a 6-min on-stage pitch-time, followed by a 6-min Q/A session.

From the 15 participants selected to pitch at the conference, 4 will be selected to advance to the finals which will be on the last day of the conference. The finalist will undergo the same 6-min pitch and followed by a 12-min Q/A session. Participant selected to pitch at the Battlefield will have a booth in a designated area at the Eureka Park, in addition to being given tickets to the TechCrunch party.

For more details on the Hardware Battlefield 2015, click here. To register for the event follow this link.

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