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The Best Tablets Of The Year 2015

by Felix Omondi
The Best Tablets Of The Year 2015

As we draw near the year 2016, Innov8tiv has taken a review over the year 2015 with all its highs and lows. In this post, we have reviewed the best tablets that debuted during the year 2015 and selected the best of the best tablets that we think were the pace setters this years. Without further blurb; here are the best tablets of the year 2015.

Best Tablets That Were Launched In 2015

Microsoft Surface Book

It has been described as the ultimate laptop replacement tablet by Microsoft; the Redmond Company went as far as to boast that it is superior to the Apple MacBook Pro 2015. Truth to this can be found in our earlier review, here.The Best Tablets Of The Year 2015

It comes with a 13.5-inch display and weighs 3.34 pounds when in laptop mode and 1.6 pounds when in tablet mode; a little less than its predecessor the Surface Pro 4. When in laptop mode, it has a lap-friendly weight distribution, and there’s no way anyone can fail to notice its attractive fulcrum hinge.

The removable keyboard is connected to the tablet through a magnetic connection in a surprisingly innovative connection that holds the device steadily while at the same time easy to detach. For our full review of the Surface Book, head on to our previous pages at this link.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Admitted, Microsoft has been addressing customers’ needs to find a portable tablet that could replace their laptops. Well, all the previous generation of the Surface Pro have left consumers still desiring more and not quite able to dump their laptop in for the Microsoft-powered tablets.

However, the Surface Pro 4 has completely changed the game. Coming fully loaded with the lasted Microsoft OS Windows 10 out of the box, instead of that seemingly disastrous Windows 8. That is however not what makes it the best tablet of the year 2015; rather it is its 12.3 inched screen that is without a debate one of the best around.The Best Tablets Of The Year 2015

The Surface Pro 4 also has enough battery life to support you through your daily activities without running in search for wall outlets for recharge. As the perfect marriage between a tablet that transforms to a laptop, the Surface Pro 4 comes with a detachable keyboard full equipped with a touchpad. Not forgetting that it runs Windows 10, an OS that responds rather nicely when you use the device in either tablet or laptop mode.

Apple’s iPad Pro

Fitted with a 12.9-inch screen, the iPad Pro was designed to become a multitasking iOS 9 running device; you can comfortably run two apps simultaneously. As the biggest iPad yet, the iPad Pro comes fitted with a keyboard accessory and an optional Apple Pencil stylus; a drastic thing for Apple to do, considering the Company’s earlier management ridiculed such accessories.

However, the iPad Pro fails to run full desktop programs like the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 above, and for this reason, (sorry Apple fanboys) the above Surfaces are the best tablets of the year 2015.The Best Tablets Of The Year 2015

Check out our full review of the iPad Pro, at our previous post.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

This device comes in 8- and 9.7-Inch displays. It certainly has a beautiful design and a brilliant, decent screen. It can also take you hours between successive battery recharges. However, unlike the Surface devices mentioned above or the iPad Pro, it packs less horsepower that power users would require in a tablet that can replace a laptop.The Best Tablets Of The Year 2015

Remember when people used to say tablets are the future and laptops usage days are numbered? Funny how it seems the best-rated tablets are laptops-wannabes, that is a hybrid tablet that can transform to a laptop.

Be that as it may, as we usher in the year 2016, here are some new things to expect from the tablet device space next year. Google is expected to launch its Pixel C tablet, so be sure to be on the lookout for that.

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