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The Highest Paying Internships across America – report by Glassdoor


An internship is an important part of the college experience, where you get into the real world, albeit with one foot in the other outside. At least as from the eyes of the HR department of the company, you will be doing your internship in.

None of us would like to do an internship in a place where all you do is fetch coffee and do errands not related to your academic training. If it pays, (yes if it pays, there are many organizations that don’t pay their interns and see the exposure and experience they will be giving them more than enough) the better.

Well, Glassdoor has listed up the highest paying internships across the U.S., which will be helpful to college students in their final years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics report as of April 2019, puts the median income across the U.S. at $43,400. Well, companies such as Facebook pay their intern as much as $8,000 per month, putting their annual income at $96,000. That is according to Glassdoor report. They prepared a list of the best-paying companies for interns, and it is as follows:


Company Monthly Stipend
Facebook $8,000
Amazon $7,725
Salesforce $7,667
Google $7,500
Microsoft $7,250
Uber $7,167
Bloomberg $7,000
Capital One $7,000
Apple $6,667
Bank of America $5,833
J.P. Morgan $5,667
Goldman Sachs $5,367
Viasat $5,333
Visa $5,167
Intel $5,000
SAP $4,833
EY $4,825
Tesla $4,677
Deloitte $4,677
Cisco Systems $4,500
PwC $4,500
KPMG $4,500
Genentech $4,500
Dell $4,333
Boeing $4,167


The above report is based on Glassdoor ranking of the companies highest median monthly pay for interns across the U.S. from March 1, 2018, to February 28, 2019. For a company to feature on this list, it had to have at least 25 interns getting paid.

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