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The Most Famous Pets of the Internet


Over the years, the Internet has become a very important tool for very serious things in our lives. But it also has a lighter side and has enabled us to share things that make us happy. This includes the most famous cats and dogs that claim stardom through their owners sharing videos and pictures across the worldwide web. Amazingly enough, these animals can actually become household names in their own right simply for being cute on the Internet. So here are some of the most famous pets we know about online today, and some who made their mark but sadly are no longer with us.

Boo the Dog

Boo first found fame on the Internet in 2011. He is a cute Pomeranian, with teddy bear looks, who entertains people with his escapades. His owners always keep his fur-trimmed to make him look even more appealing, and the Kardashians, among other celebrities, all claim to adore this very friend. Sadly, Boo passed away, but his memory will live on forever, and at the height of his fame, he had 17.2 million followers on Facebook. It sparked a line of teddy bears designed to look like him, and his face has also appeared on many other merchandising items over the years.

Grumpy Cat

Two of the most popular things on the Internet to date are memes and cute animals, so when you combine the two, you have an instant recipe for success. Grumpy cat is a guy who looks like he is permanently frowning, and nothing seems to make him happy. Grumpy cat has over 8.7 million followers on Facebook and 2.1 on the social media platform, Instagram. Such is the power of his fame that he has appeared on American Idol, Good Morning America and CBS Evening News with his owners, of course.

Marnie the Dog

There is something even more endearing about a dog that is unusual because of a health condition. Marnie, the dog, is a 10-year-old rescue who was found roaming the streets and taken in. You may have thought there was no future for a dog that some people may consider ugly, but her permanent head tilt and sticking out tongue has actually gained her fame and fortune. There are many videos of her running, and it does look adorable because she’s off-kilter and lopsided, and she has 2.1 million Instagram friends and 442 Facebook followers. Again, many celebrities clamor to meet her, and she has her own merchandise range as well as appearing in many magazines and newspapers.

Tuna the Dog

Another dog who found fame for being somewhat deformed is Tuna. Tuna has a significant overbite which means that his top teeth stick out well over his bottom lip. His owners have taken to dressing him up and creating memes, and it is always assumed that he would speak with a lisp. On Instagram, he has 1.8 million followers, and he does use his fame and fortune for good raising money to help animal charities. His face is certainly unusual, but rather than upset people, it actually endears him because he really is a little sweetie.

Nala Cat

Most of the famous cats and dogs have been rescued and subsequently adopted out to forever homes. Nala Cat is no exception; she was abandoned at four months old but rescued by her current owner, who created her social media accounts to document her life. On Facebook, she has 2.4 million followers and Instagram 3.3 million; this means she’s officially the most popular cat on that platform. Her savvy owners have cashed in on her fame and fortune, and she also has a merchandising range that includes mugs, bags, T-shirts and more.

Lola the Pug

Another Instagram sensation that is sadly no longer with us is Lola, the Irish pug who couldn’t run. Her hilarious gait caused many hours of entertainment as her owners recorded her running with a little ditty that they had written about Lola, the pug who couldn’t run. A neurological problem caused her issue, and sadly her life ended a few years ago, but again she will go down in history as a famous Internet dog.

Manny the Frenchie

A French bulldog called Manny rose to fame in 2014 thanks to another owner who wanted to share his exploits with the world. He is often out and about with his parents visiting shops and getting up to other adventures dressed in some adorable costumes. Again, his owners have decided to use their fame to support animal charities, including the Chicago French bulldog rescue and the ASPCA. He has even been on tour to raise even more money for these worthwhile institutions.

Doug the Pug

Another dog with a penchant for clothing is Doug, the pug; he entertains his fans by dressing up as characters from television, movies and music and putting on a little performance. We’re pretty sure this is aided and abetted by his owners, but he is undoubtedly famous as he has 2.1 million followers on Instagram and a massive 5.6 million on Facebook. His fans say it is the fact that he makes them smile that makes him so popular. He has featured in the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, Mashable and more. This clever pug is also a published author with a book called Doug the Pug: The King of Pop culture. Pretty impressive achievements for a little dog.

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