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Main Characteristics of Technical Writing


Software and computers, in general, imply the existence of appropriate manuals and guides on how to use them correctly. Since the Internet started to show up, such things have become a daily routine. And that is why technical writing is today so represented. Through reading texts and technical documentation, we are allowing ourselves to get more knowledge about specific software or any device. Technical writing has a wide range of possibilities at its disposal but it is mostly focused on user manuals of any kind. Almost every website or shop, regular and online one, that is related to technical equipment will provide the customers with some manuals. The biggest purpose of their use is to guide them through all the specifications about a particular product. As with any type of writing, this one also has the main characteristic that defines it in some way. Let’s have a look at them and see what technical writing is all about.


As technical writing is closely connected with the business, something that it must possess is clarity of information. What does it mean? Well, it is not a secret that technical documentations have to be as clear as possible. When someone is up to buy a certain product, he would like to see clear and undisputed data about it. Strict, direct, and precise sentences are highly recommendable when it comes to such writing. As a customer, you wouldn’t like to see confusing sentences with complex phrases that are completely unknown to you, right? We thought so too. That is the reason why such texts need clarity of the highest level.


In the world of writing, it is often the case that authors like to get a little bit around the key point and describe it through different phases. However, in technical documentation that is not allowed, or at least appreciable. The directness of the information will make readers know the reliability of the text that is in front of them. It is like with essays, for example. There are many websites online that offer reviews about them. And they are all direct. An extra essay is just one site that you can visit to check this info. If you are wondering “Is extraessay legit” perhaps, you don’t need to worry about it. We wouldn’t recommend an unreliable website to visit, for sure. Anyways, the customers will not be reading a novel or a book. So, the most important thing is that all software manuals must possess straightforward sentences that immediately emphasize the point.


Another characteristic that technical writing often implies is the precision of the words. Accuracy is frequently linked with the previous two characteristics. When the text is clear and direct, it also must be accurate. Unfortunately, it is not a rare case where people who are not expert enough write technical documents. Lack of writing skills can lead to misunderstanding and if the words are not precise, people can go away and lose their interest in some product. That is only one of the reasons why technical documentation has to be accurate. Manuals often require the description of the objects, devices, or any product that is for sale. If we have this in mind, it is easy to conclude how significant the precision actually is. Also, if the customer considers buying some more complicated product, its manuals often consist of processes and procedures that need strict guidance. A single mistake can give the wrong impression to the ones who read a technical document. That’s why the language must be 100% accurate without mistakes related to grammar or something similar.


Although technical writing demands strictness, directness, and so on, the volume is considered as one of the main characteristics of it too. Businesses related to marketing and trading, where the use of technical documentation is high, must provide customers with a high volume of information. It is not the point just to emphasize the main factors of the product. Let’s take some examples. If you are buying a computer, you would like to see all its specifications displayed and not just its main components, right? Imagine that you can read only its RAM, graphic card type, and processor. In such a case, you will have questions in your mind like “Does it have an SSD?” or “Does this computer contain a good cooling system?” Well, the same is with everything else. People like to see a great volume of information that will give them a full picture of the product. Comprehension is a valuable characteristic in technical writing just because of such things.


In contrast to books and novels, manuals that consist of technical writing must possess a good organization. Of course, it doesn’t mean that other types of writing shouldn’t be well-organized. But when we speak about technical writing concrete, it is “a must”. In the manuals, you are offering clear descriptions and guides about something. In books, for an instance, you have the luxury not to be so direct and describe your topic through steps. But when it comes to technical writing, it is simply not recommendable. An organization is a process that represents a big part of every successful project. And a good one that is well-structured will make the customers assured that you, as a seller, mentioned everything possible.

Solutions To The Problems

Naturally, working implies making mistakes. All the things we do can sometimes go contrary to our plans. That’s why all technical documents have a problem-solving section displayed in their manuals. We can’t know what can happen in the future, right? If we stick to some problem with the product we just bought, it will be hard to solve it without a proper solution provided by the website or shop that sold it to us. That’s why technical writing implies possessing a problem-solving section.


There are many more characteristics that technical writing usually demands. But we tried to provide you with the most significant ones without which it couldn’t be done. Those characteristics exist to erase all your possible concerns and make you feel relaxed and serene. When you know this, buying products that require technical documentation will only be a pleasure.

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