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The Perks Of Going Paperless – 4 Software Solutions That Streamline Shiftwork

The Perks Of Going Paperless - 4 Software Solutions That Streamline Shiftwork

Have you heard of the recent shift towards paperless offices? Going paperless has quickly become a top trend amongst businesses for a wide variety of reasons. Aside from saving on resources and cost, the utilization of software in lieu of paper is also a fantastic way to ensure that data is stored securely and is accessible remotely. In today’s article, we have a look at 4 software solutions that will help your business not just go paperless but also streamline business processes with ease. Read on to find out more!

Manage Your Shift Workers with Automated Time Tracking

Did you know that one of the most commonly used software in business today includes Deputy’s timesheet software? Time and attendance tracking software has quickly replaced the manual process of clocking in and out of work on a physical timesheet. This software solution not only saves on resources but also allows you to look into issues such as excess overtime, absenteeism and helps you streamline the invoicing process. With time and attendance tracking software, you will also be able to eliminate common issues such as buddy punching and frequent absenteeism with ease. Time and attendance tracking software also makes it just that much easier to gather a summary of billable hours so that your employees needn’t guesstimate the amount of time they’ve put into a certain task or project.

Automated Invoicing Software

Automated invoicing software is a fantastic option for those who are looking to go paperless. Once again, aside from saving on costs and resources, sophisticated invoicing software offers a streamlined solution to monthly invoices. All business owners have to deal with invoices, and as your business grows, it can get increasingly difficult to stay on top of things. Thankfully, automated invoicing software can handle the job for you. This software can send invoices out automatically, keep track of their progress and also ensure that reports are generated in accordance with new STP guidelines. You can ensure that your workers will be paid on time and that your invoices are fully accurate and free from human error.

Automated Accounting Systems

Gone are the days where your accounting team has to burn the midnight oil in order to stay on top of company finances. With automated accounting software, you can reduce the number of manual hours spent on accounting by incredible amounts. Aside from saving time, you also increase business efficiency as your team members have time freed up to spend on more revenue-generating activities. Automated accounting systems store all information securely on the cloud network, allowing you to access vital information regardless of where you are. Automated accounting systems give you real-time financial stats and come with features such as aged debtors analysis which can help you identify accounts that are overdue, trial balance, profit and loss and the business balance sheet.

Project Management Software

Last but certainly not least, let’s have a look at project management software. In 2020, the wide majority of businesses are now utilizing project management software to help employees stay on top of projects and tasks. Platforms such as Monday and Asana are incredibly popular with businesses as they allow for easy collaboration, better scheduling and allows managers to delegate tasks more efficiently. Project management software also allows for online document sharing, thus reducing the overall paper use in your business. Team members can not only keep track of the projects they have due but can also better manage their time when it comes to successfully meeting deadlines.

Software has truly changed the way modern businesses operate in 2020. We hope that this article has given you some insight into 4 of the most common software that is cutting down on paper use today.

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