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The Surge in Popularity of non Gamstop Online Gaming


Humanity has enjoyed playing games and socializing ever since the dawn of mankind and civilization. Some even state that creating and exploring different ways to interact with others through games and entertainment is codified into our genetics and cultural foundations. Gambling is one of the earliest activities we know to have engaged in. If you are looking for online betting experiences that will not hinder or restrict the amount of gambling you wish to do, feel free to look up these non-gamstop betting sites.

We can trace back direct references to gambling in ancient Vedic hymns dating all the way back to 1200 BC. A prime example of this is found in the aptly named The Gambler’s Lament, from the Rigveda Samhita hymns in India. Fans of gambling are always looking for new and exciting ways to develop their hobby by incorporating new games, activities, and events to bet on. In fact, you could even argue that gambling and human civilization have grown together, regardless of which part of the world. People have always found ways to apply new technologies, inventions, cultural norms and events to gambling activities, current times being no exception to the norm.

The invention and spread of modernized digitalization and the world wide web have developed a brand new type of gambling: online gaming. As long as the bettor owns an electronic device that connects to the internet, they may gain access to their favorite casino website. Increasingly more bettors turn to online gambling for their gambling and betting needs due to its convenience and the different games and activities you are allowed to participate in.

Online Gambling and its benefits

One of the main benefits of online gambling is that it allows players to bet at their leisure. Without the inconvenience of having to travel to any sort of gambling establishment, one can place bets and check on their status from the comfort of their homes. The COVID-19 outbreak and the restrictions that followed shortly after caused an unprecedented increase in digitalization of all aspects of life, and gambling was no exception. Bettors found themselves unable to leave their homes and enjoy their regular gambling activities at their local gambling houses. Then, the online casinos and gambling websites proved to be an efficient substitute until the end of restrictions and quarantine measures.

Online gambling offers several other benefits compared to regular brick-and-mortar casinos. Firstly, there is the convenience of accessing an unlimited amount of casino websites wherever you are as long as you can connect online. Secondly, there are also no time restrictions or schedules to adhere to. Thirdly, players have thousands of different games and activities only a few clicks away. And last but not least, online casinos offer several enticing bonuses, promotions, loyalty membership programs, and several deals. These are designed to retain users so that they may continue using their services and perhaps even draw in other users interested as well in online gambling.

Gamstop: What is it?

If you are already a veteran UK bettor, you are most likely already familiar with Gamstop. But for those who might remain unfamiliar with the term, we hereby provide you with a short summary of what Gamstop is.

Gamstop is a free service tool valid in the UK and Northern Ireland that enables users to manage and regulate their gaming time. This system was developed and remained operated by The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited organization. Eventually, it became mandatory for all online gambling operators in the UK to be registered with Gamstop. Using Gamstop, the client may exclude themselves from accessing online gambling sites in the UK for a period ranging from 6 months to 5 years. Only when the selected time period expires can the user regain access to Gamstop licensed online gambling activities.

This measure was developed with the main purpose of providing people with an option to limit their gaming time and avoid compulsive addictive behaviors. But unfortunately, this has taken the edge and excitement off of gambling, as well as the freedom to choose how much gaming time you want to spend. Once you have decided to set up a timer on Gamstop, there is no changing your mind until the timer runs out. Also, one must take into account that self-exclusion does not equate to self-control, but it only creates the illusion of control.

Therefore, if self-exclusion is not a viable long-term solution to gambling problems, what solutions are there? First of all, we must remember that moderation is vital, and it is up to the player to decide how much time and money they are willing to spend on gambling activities.

Why are non-Gamstop games increasing in popularity?

Many online casinos not on Gamstop offer a series of benefits not often found in their Gamstop counterparts, which make them more enticing to bettors. For instance, non-Gamstop gambling sites offer more lucrative rewards and loyalty programs than those tied to Gamstop. Money deposits are not a big issue either, as most non-Gamstop online casinos allow cryptocurrency, debit cards, and e-wallets for money deposits.

Furthermore, many bettors that rely solely on Gamstop registered online casinos must adhere rigorously to the rules and regulations set up by Gamstop. If Gamstop suspends your account or bans you outright, you will find yourself unable to access any other UK-based gambling websites, and this is not an issue for users using non-Gamstop gambling sites.

UK non-Gamstop casinos also have fewer regulations and restrictions than other casinos. No-ID verification measures allow clients to both skip this mandatory and tedious procedure and keep their personal data secure and anonymous.

Finally, although many people fear that playing online casinos not linked with Gamstop might not be legal or legitimate, this myth is easy to dispel. There are no legal restrictions for UK-online gambling sites as long as they are properly licensed.

However, one thing every bettor must consider is ensuring that the non-Gamstop gambling site of their choosing is safe and trustworthy. To ensure not to fall into any disreputable online gambling casino, make sure they follow the following guidelines:

  • Promote safe and responsible gaming habits

  • Provide an adequate and updated security net

  • Provide fair bonus terms

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