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The Top 6 Companies are Working in Blockchain Technology!

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A lot of advancements have taken place in the cryptocurrency industry, but still, the blockchain is considered to be relatively new. But, the concept of the blocks in technology is increasing every day, and developing new technology every day. Moreover, the distributed databases that can be shared with Blockchain technology make it incredible, and therefore, it can be employed in various industries with Moreover, to understand the usability of cryptocurrencies, you must know the basis for the blockchain. Even more, you will come across thousands of companies nowadays which are using the blocks in technology worldwide.

So, if you want to understand the Blockchain basis, you should know about the companies working on it. These multinational global companies are taking up the blocks in projects and working independently. They want to create a new infrastructure and environment for everyone to use so that they can become a person of the modern world. The names of a few companies working in the blocks in technology nowadays are explained in this post so that you can know what companies can help you.

1. Coinbase Global Inc

The first company we will talk about is making five .9 billion in revenue, and its net income is three .0 billion yearly. It has a market capitalization of 52 .4 billion, and the total yearly return of the company is not completely disclosed. It is a global service provider when it comes to financial infrastructure and also includes transactional services. It has its platforms in the cryptocurrency infrastructure and can provide you with various services associated with the blockchain and the crypto coins. The company was earlier private but decided to go completely public in April 2021, and now, it has not entirely disclosed the returns it is making every year.

2. Monex Group Inc

It is a company that is based in Japan, and it provides online financial services. It is a financial institution that operates over the internet and has its online brokerage outlets. The company has been providing services in different nations like the United States, China, and Australia. It also offers services associated with asset management, investment education, merger and acquisition advising, and many more. It has a market capitalization of $1.7 billion, and the revenue is estimated at $396.8 million.

3. BIT Mining LTD

It is a company that is based in Hong Kong, and it deals in cryptocurrency mining operations. The basic operations of the company had been decided by the head and also, the company deals in data center and mining pool. The company’s mining operations are spread worldwide, and it provides services to various cryptocurrency trading platforms. The computational resources make it one of the world’s most successful cryptocurrency mining companies, and it has a market capitalization of $494.5 million.

4. Canaan Inc

It is a company with a net income of 87,4 million per year and a market capitalization of $905 million. This company’s trailing total yearly return is 24.7%, a China-based cryptocurrency service provider. It provides highly advanced computing solutions and designs a chipset in the computer used for cryptocurrency mining. In addition, it is a development company dealing with equipment production, software services, and many more.


It is a China-based technology company claiming to own the world’s first artificial intelligent blockchain. It is the core technology of this company, and it deals with the customer and is related to the information technology department. It can help to rescue big data, trade, and also manage digital assets. Most of the services provided by the company are highly secure and can be related to the marketing data only. It has a net income of $7.2 million.

6. HIVE Blockchain Technologies LTD

It is a Blockchain technology company based in Canada and deals in cryptocurrency mining. The shares of the company are wholly owned by itself, and it works under the green energy-powered data center facilities. It not only deals with bitcoin but also with other companies like ETH Blockchain and coin. The company’s annual revenue is $245.8 million, and the net income is $132.2 million. Moreover, it has a market capitalization of $975.3 million yearly, with trailing returns of 25.7%.

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