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Tips and Strategies on How to Play Pokies


When you step into a casino, the most exciting and colorful section within your sight is probably the slot machines, which is sometimes referred to as pokies! These machines are undeniably fun and vibrant from the colors of the lights around the frame, to the fruit images designs on the spinning reels. Not to forget, the satisfying feeling of pulling the large mechanical lever, which is one of the common reasons why pokies are so addicting to play. It’s a fun game of chance that everyone would opt for when paying a visit to the best online pokies Australia, but keep in mind that it is impossible to keep winning. Fret not, here are some tips and strategies that can help steer you in the right direction of playing pokies.

10 Tips And Strategies on How To Play Pokies

1. Set Up A Budget And Leave Your Credit Cards At Home

Setting up a budget can help control your input of money. By doing so, it can help players not to lose more money than they have brought.

2. Play Sober

Playing sober is probably better than playing drunk. You will be better at making choices, especially in terms of deciding how much money to bet and how high you want to bet.

3. Remember That It Is A Game Of Chance

By that, it means to keep in mind that playing pokies does not guarantee constant winning. Try to alternate to a new machine when you lose to try your luck again.

4. Don’t Increase Your Bet When You Lose Consistently

If you are losing consistently, try another machine but don’t increase your bet. The chances of losing more money is still possible.

5. The Longer You Play, The More You Lose

Pokies’ a game of chance. There is a chance of losing more as time goes.

6. Take The Money You’ve Won

Cash out when you feel like you’ve won more than you’ve spent on the game to avoid losing money.

7. Play Pokies in Casinos

Casino slot machines offer a better payback than slot machines at bars and pubs.

8. Play Higher Denominations

When you play higher bets, you can get a higher payback percentage in return. There’s a better chance to win combos too.

9. Bet The Maximum Amount

Slots with numerous lines require specific bets to be activated. Betting the maximum amount can activate all the lines to be in action and increase the chances of payout.

10. Join The Casino’s Rewards Program

Joining the rewards program may bring you extra freebies!

Final Thoughts

There aren’t really any special strategies when it comes to playing online casino. It is mostly a game of chance. What players need to remember is to keep track on how much they spend on the bets, so that they don’t lose more than they win by the end of the day.

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