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Tired of Losing Your Things? Try This


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Sometimes you can be a little bit scatterbrained. You’re always forgetting where you put your keys and patting down your pockets in confusion whenever you step out your front door. You misplace your smartphone all of the time and panic that it’s gone for good. And any time that you have to fill in a password for an online account, you can’t seem to remember it. You keep submitting wrong answers until the website locks you out.

You don’t have to suffer from these frustrating problems time and time again. You can stop dealing with them from this point forward. Just use these tech solutions.

How to Stop Losing Your Keys

You can never keep track of your keys, and you’re tired of tearing up every room in the house to find them. So, what can you do? Consider adding a key finder to your key ring, like the Tile Pro or Samsung Galaxy SmartTag. Pair the key finder through Bluetooth with the manufacturer’s tracking app on your smartphone. Then, use the app to search for your keys. The key finder should let off an alarm that guides you toward its hiding spot.

And if you’re worried about forgetting your keys and getting locked out of your house, you should install a digital lockbox near one of your entrances and place a spare key inside it. Ideally, it should be installed by a side or back entrance, where it’s more hidden from view.

A digital lockbox is your safest bet for hiding a spare key. Do not try to hide a spare key under a doormat, under a flowerpot or in the mailbox. These are places that anyone could easily access, which means you’ll be putting your home at risk for burglary.

How to Stop Losing Your Smartphone

Are you worried about losing track of your smartphone? Well, you should set up a phone tracker app as soon as possible. If you have an Android phone, set up Find My Device. If you have an iPhone, set up Find My iPhone. Both of these apps will help you track the exact location of your smartphone via another device. So, you can follow the GPS map and get your smartphone back into your hands.

What if you think your smartphone was stolen? These tracking apps can help you lock your smartphone remotely so that a stranger can’t access your private information. If you really want to protect your information, you can “erase” your phone. This essentially means that you are performing a factory reset as a safety measure.

If you think that your smartphone has been stolen, you shouldn’t go searching for it. Risking a confrontation for the sake of your phone is a bad idea. Instead, use your tracking app to protect your data, and then try to get yourself a replacement phone as soon as possible. If you’ve signed up for an extended warranty, you might have coverage in the case of smartphone loss or theft. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for a replacement out of pocket.

Having access to a smartphone is crucial. You can’t go without one for long. So, dip into your emergency fund to pay for an affordable replacement. If you don’t have any emergency savings, you should consider borrowing funds to cover this urgent expense. You could use one of your credit cards to do this. Or you could look into online personal loans through CreditFresh — as long as you meet the loan requirements, you’re free to apply. Your application for the online loan could get approved, giving you a temporary source of relief in an emergency.

Online personal loans should only be used for urgent, unplanned expenses, like when you need to replace a lost phone. They’re not supposed to be used to buy the newest tech to hit the market when it’s outside of your budget.

How to Stop Losing Your Passwords

Are you always forgetting the passwords for all of your accounts? A simple tech solution for you is to use a password manager. A password manager is an online service that’s meant to help you keep track of the dozens and dozens of passwords you’ve created for accounts. The service provides you with an encrypted vault where you can safely store all of the login information you can’t remember off the top of your head.

The one catch with password managers is that you will need a “master password” to access the vault. So, you will want to make sure that you make this password strong and, of course, memorable. Remembering a single password is much easier than trying to remember a hundred of them!

Your problems aren’t unsolvable. There’s always a great tech solution for them out there. Like these incredible solutions! Use them and stop losing your things!

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