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To Bet or Not to Bet That’s Not the Question, But Where To Bet? Here’s the WHERE

by Felix Omondi

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We’re in the thick of the end-year’s festive season. The average person has places to visit and people to see. Perhaps you are among them and you are going on an exotic holiday trip. Maybe, you are meeting up with friends or relatives to make a Merry of the Christmas and New Year’s Day.

One thing is for certain, the next couple of days to the end of the year are going to be business unusual for the majority of people. Especially those not working in the transportation, hotel, recreational, and entertainment industries. Most people will be resting at home or on recreational activities with friends and family.

What to do with the Free Time

Undoubtedly, there are those among us who will find themselves with a lot of spare time until the turn of the year. If you happen to be one of them, and are thinking of creative ways to spend your time. Well, here’s a suggestion – betting.

You will be chilling and relaxing with friends and family! You might as well squeeze in some time and stake your luck. If lady luck would be so kind, you could end up making some money. Not just spending money, like what the majority of people will be doing.

Where to Bet?

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The internet is a treasure trove of stuff; but not all stuff are created equal. There is useful stuff, useless stuff, and outright dangerous stuff. When it comes to betting – just like any other thing that involves money – odds of coming across dangerous stuff are high.

You can easily be conned of your hard-earned money. Perhaps even more viciously than you would at a traditional gambling casino where the long-standing mantra is ‘the house always wins.’ When it comes to the online space, you really don’t know the programming behind those software. The odds could be disproportionately stacked up in favor of the house.

The best platform to wager your bet, or show we say the most popular gambling platform are sports platforms. Where there are chances of one team winning against the other team. Little wonder, most case de apuestas deportivas (gambling platforms) stake their wagers on sports teams.

One such interesting site has popped up on innov8tiv’s radar. Dubbed Rush Bet, this gambling site gives you numerous options to stake your chances on teams across all the sports genres. The site features sports activities including:

Tennis Volleyball
Rugby Hockey
American Football Soccer
Video Games (e-Sports) Cricket


Sail in Familiar Waters

The beauty of is that it provides you a wide array of sports types options. You are certain to find a sports field you are a fan of and perhaps even a professional. That way, you will be stacking your odds to calculated chances as opposed to blind guess work.

So if you are an English soccer fan, you obviously know a thing or two about the top soccer clubs and how they fare when teamed against other clubs. The same goes when you are an American football fan. In a nutshell, at, you are guaranteed to find a sports field you are knowledgeable at and thus better able to make informed bets on the various teams.

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