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Top 10 Best Driver Updater Tools

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Drivers in your process are the driving force between your computer device and hardware attached to it. It keeps the whole process running smoothly. Nevertheless, updating drivers’ time-to-time is what keeps them alive and efficient.

Updating the Device drivers manually can be a hassle and some people do not know how to update each driver manually, so the best option you can opt for is to update the drivers’ automatically. We understand that how difficult it might be to find a good so here we are presenting the top 10 best driver updater tools to ease your search for the best driver uploaders.

List of Top 10 best driver updater tools for you:

We are sharing the list of top 10 best driver updaters, which you can free of cost, it means you do not have to waste money and your device will get updates for it run perfectly. Isn’t it great? So let’s dig into it:

1. ITL Drive Updater

The top-notch driver is on top of our list. This amazing utility tool detects all corrupted drivers on your computer that are being the reason of system crisis and hardware issues. On top of that, it also finds all the latest drivers to ensure optimum smooth performance for your PC and hardware devices. You get faster startup time, one click update and high compatibility.

  • Go to the official website to install the driver or just simply click here
  • Once you have instate and setup the device on your PC it will do the screening automatically and check for any updates. You can also manually scan it
  • Once done, it will show everything that needs to be updated; all you need to do is simply click on the update option and wolla!

You are done. This driver is safe to use and if you are facing difficult of computer lag or any other issue, that you are just unable comprehend. This driver is going to be your lifesaver.

2. DriverPack Solution

The most famous DriverPack Solution Online is our second choice. This driver have proven itself and it is considered one of the most suitable drivers of all time. This utility is mainly used to locate and install drivers automatically. You can even download it offline and it will do the job without even internet. The best feature so far is you can simply disable drivers when no longer needed.

  • Go to the official website of DriverPack Solution or simply click here
  • Now, when the website is open, click of the option in green button ‘install all required drivers’
  • A new popup window will appear and here you need to choose the destination and select the press OK to allow it
  • Once the download is complete copy this link and place in a folder where you access it easily
  • Now, you need to setup it
  • Now, it will start searching for all the updates your driver needs
  • Once the scanning process is done, auto setup mode will be on your screen
  • You can choose expert mode and choose all the drivers needed from the list you can select manually or press Install All to update automatically

It is a simple choice for those who needs a simple tool and do not any backup requirement to restore functions. You can also download it either in online mode or offline mode. The tool is free of cost.

3. Driver Talent

The third on our list is Driver Talent. It is an extremely easy-to-use software and the best part is it is not required to be installed in system. It allows installation and updating drivers on your PC. You can install and download multiple drivers easily.

Cherry on the top is that it allows you to download multiple drivers without even an internet connection. Not only this, you can also download different drivers at the same time. Once the download is completed, you can install them, without the requirement of an internet connection. It has an easy interface and it comes with number of themes and languages, making it extremely easy to use even if you are not familiar with the English language.

4. TweakBit Driver Updater

The 4th one amongst our top 10 best driver Updater tool is the Tweakbit driver updater. Just like other drivers on our list, it automatically detects all missing drivers and updates and helps you install the latest versions of everything you need.

  • You can search for the website to install or simply click on this RAR file
  • Once its downloaded, open the file and choose to set up and right-click on it
  • Now, choose the ‘Run As Administrator

It will now install the software on your computer and you can scan and download updates as per requirement.

5. Smart Driver Updater

This is one of the best free driver updaters which shows all information about your existing old drivers as well as newly download updates. You can also schedule scans that makes it easy for all drivers to be automatically updates.

  • You need to download the smart driver on your device
  • Now, once downloaded press the ‘I’ and Register Smart Device Updater
  • Now, type your name in the given box
  • Once you have entered the license key, click activate now, and it will be updated on your system

6. DriverHub

The Driver is one of my own favorite one because it is the most pretty forward software out there and it lets you download all drivers free of cost.

  • Install the driver on your device. The process is pretty simple
  • It will be installed on your desktop
  • Now, click on the install drivers option
  • It will scan and let you know if any update is pending

Pretty simple and straight, easy to use and free of cost.

7. Driver Easy

Driver has both a professional as well as basic version so whichever suits you best you can opt for it.

  • You need to download the software and its icon will appear on your desktop screen
  • Just like the driver hub, driver easy also has a user friendly interface
  • Select the Scan option
  • It will search and give you the list of drivers that should be installed
  • You can update each one of them individually
  • In the free version you need to update them manually

The software is available in free version; you can also get a paid version that is even better.

9. 3DP Chip

So, our 8th option is 3DP Chip.  It is quite an old software and surely works like a charm. The only down side is that you need to update the drivers manually.

  • Go ahead and click on the link to download it
  • Once it is installed, you will get each section categorized with green or yellow marked letting you which section need to be updated
  • You click on the section and it will take you to the website where you can actually download the driver needed

It is quite simple to use. It also gives you the option to install multiple drivers at once too.

10. Drive Booster

In this drive booster, you get a free version as well as a professional version.  It works well with all the latest operating systems.

  • You can download it from the official website or
  • Once its downloaded, open the app and click on check for updates
  • It will scan all updates needed
  • You will need to update all drivers manually as you are using a basic version

That is pretty much it, it is simplest software I have seen and it gets even better with the upgraded version.

11. Bit Driver Updater

The last one on our list among the top 10 best driver updater tools is the Bit Driver Updater. It also comes with two versions. The unpaid and paid.

  • First of all you need to download the software
  • Once its downloaded, you can navigate to the right side and focus on the free version tools; Overview and Scan
  • Click on scan and it will search all drivers that needs to updated
  • You will be needing to update each driver as per requirement
  • Click on the Update now option

The only drawback of the updated version is that you will need to update each driver at a time and if you have loads of updates and it will take a bit of time but with the paid version it gets easier.


We have listed down top 10 best free driver updaters after researching the most suitable for most of the users. You can choose the best update driver, which suits you best. Most of them are free and most have a basic version alongside a paid version with more benefits but you can always choose the free version if you want. The best part is that all of them will do the work and you can easily update your drivers automatically.

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