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Top-10 Skins for MAG-7 in Counter-Strike


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been among the most popular video games for many years now. It’s completely free to play; though, if you want to distinguish yourself among the millions, you need to put together a unique look for your character and the weapons they choose to use. For instance, if you prefer playing as a counterterrorist with a MAG-7, you might be interested in colorful and stylish MAG skins that can make you stand out.

What Is A MAG-7?

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, MAG-7 is a pump-action shotgun exclusive to Counter-Terrorists. Its real-life prototype was developed by Techno Arms PTY (SAR) in 1995. It deals lots of damage from a close range, and it’s not critical which part of the opponent you aim at. It’s quite affordable within the game (just $1300) and brings great rewards for a kill ($900). At the high range though, it’s almost useless because of its high spread. The MAG-7 is a popular weapon among experienced players.

How Do Skins Affect It?

In terms of damage or protection, skins do not affect your weapons at all. But, given how many players are there in CS:GO, you might feel the need to stand out from the crowd. With skins, you can create a unique look. There are collections of skins for various weapons that share the same or similar style, so no matter whether you equip a knife, a pistol, a machine gun, or a rifle, they will all share the same colors and ornaments.

If you are a streamer, you need to look different from the other players. Even despite the first-person perspective, you are often shown through others’ eyes – for example, when someone else is streaming the same round.

Why DMarket?

Since CS:GO is distributed through Steam, it might seem logical to make purchases through Steam as it hosts the game. Still, there are reasons to choose third-party services such as DMarket, which offers quite a large selection of in-game items. Plus:

  • No fees for purchases. It means you can buy a skin cheaper than on Steam.
  • It’s Reputation. DMarket is a place where generations of CS:GO players have exchanged skins.
  • Easy to purchase. It’s integrated with Steam, so you can see when the item you want to buy is locked or available.

What’s more, there will be no problems with importing your purchases. To authorize, all you need to do is enter your Steam login and password on DMarket. Then, the items you buy will go directly to your Steam account, and when you run CS:GO under it, you can access your skins and apply them directly. There is no need to use third-party patches or auxiliary software.

10 Best Skins for MAG-7

Among available skins for the MAG-7, there are several more prominent and popular than others due to their distinct look and variability in condition.

1. Cinquedea ($368.65). In real life, a cinquedea is an Italian medieval dagger. No wonder the skin named after it is also decorated in a medieval style, with red and blue patterns. It’s one of the rarest and most expensive skins ever.

2. Bulldozer ($1.34). Yellow and gray are the colors of construction machinery; when applied to a weapon, they can look a bit strange but impressive. Especially in Battle-Scarred condition.

3. Justice ($1.34). You can see a furious angel on this heavenly blue and gold skin, which symbolizes determination and confidence. It’s available in various float rates and looks great regardless.

4. Monster Call ($0.24). This skin is made in sea colors, with an aggressive shark and other fish species decorated on it. It can be found at any float value, though there is no direct dependence. You can find factory new ones for under $2.

5. Carbon Fiber ($0.24). In real life, it’s a durable material. The same applies to the skin: it only comes in Factory-new and Minimal Wear conditions. The blackish gray color is attractive for its sense of style.

6. BI83 Spectrum ($0.20). This is certainly one of the most recognizable skins for MAG-7, with its crystal pattern all over the body and acidic colors. The more it’s worn, the darker it gets.

7. Heat ($0.19). This skin makes your MAG-7 look like it’s made of molten metal. Its red outlines and black body get darker as the float grows. It doesn’t affect the price though, you can find both Factory-new and Battle-scarred ones at the cheapest and the most expensive ends of the line.

8. SWAG-7 ($0.19). This stylish and ornate skin has lots of various decorative elements, like stars, diamonds, and the number 7 in Arabic and Roman numerals. A Battle-scarred version looks sometimes just as fantastic as Factory-new.

9. Rust Coat ($0.03). The more worn it is, the rustier is its color, gradually getting orange and brown like actual rust. That’s why a Battle-scarred Rust Coat is usually way more valuable than Factory New: it looks more distinct.

10. Souvenir ($0.02). Despite a low starting price, some Souvenir skins are offered for over $100, and there is even one deal for $10,526.32! It comes in various colors: Silver, Sand Dune, Storm, Navy Sheen, and Rust Coat.


An experienced player will hardly ever need these answers, but if you play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive casually, they will help you understand how things work.

Why do the prices of these skins differ so much?

First, the seller defines the price. Okay, they may place it higher than reality, and in doing so their offer may remain hanging for a long time. Second, the parameters of the same skin can vary. The most important is the float showing how much use the item looks like its had. There are also color variations that make the rarest items the most expensive.

Do skins give any in-game advantage?

No, and they are not supposed to. The reason people buy skins is to create a distinct personality within the game. It happens the same way in Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, and even Fall Guys – games that are free to play, with purchasable cosmetics.

Where do skins give an advantage?

They are great, for example, if you play for a certain team. You can all use customizable skins to make your team easier to recognize and tell from your opponents. If you are a streamer, your distinct appearance can make your videos more spectacular.

Does it make sense to buy skins if I only play casually?

Yes, it does, if you enjoy your style as much as you like the gameplay. Though, of course, the more advanced you become, the more you might want to get involved.

In Case You Like It

The deeper you get involved, the more ways you find to enjoy the game. As a beginner, you only enjoy your body count and team success, but the further you start delving into the aesthetics of CS:GO, the more customized weapons become a large part of it. Maybe, one day players will pursue your custom skins in weapon cases!

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