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Top 5 FREE Background Removers (No Software and Skills Needed!)



We all know how important photos are for personal use, entertainment, and even for commercial purposes. It is more engaging for users to visit a site that contains relevant images. The same goes for branding and product promotion. Hence, a great product photo will certainly generate sales. Small business owners, however, may have limited resources. Therefore, it is essential to be wise and practical.

And speaking of practicality, did you know that you can be more clever with your product photography? With the advent of technology, having a product photo with excellent backgrounds can be accomplished in less than a minute with AI-powered background removers! Yes, you read that right. And for your convenience, here are 5 awesome background removal tools you’ll surely love!


Convenient is the best way to describe this background remover app. PicWish has already proven its name in the photo editing industry since it was launched in 2021. The tool uses AI to remove the background of your image in just a few clicks – accurately and efficiently! It includes a good set of color palettes that users can use as a replacement backdrop. Additionally, users can upload their own images and use them as backgrounds. And if you would like to save it as transparent, it can also be saved in PNG format.


Intuitive interface best for beginners.

Detects any type of image (people, cars, animals, and even graphics).

Works on any browser.

No background in photo-editing needed.


The online version doesn’t support bulk processing. is Another great free background remover online you can use for your product. Its drag-and-drop functionality allows users to easily import files thanks to its straightforward interface. It renders pixel-perfect output in just a few seconds. Additionally, you can choose to have your background be a solid color or use an image from its own photo library or upload your own. For more accuracy, you can also recheck the initial output and use its Erase and Restore functions.


Several options are available to import files – drag & drop, copy and paste URL, or directly paste screenshots using CTRL + C and V.

Quickly renders output up to 25 megapixels.

Users can process unlimited photos with it.


Its free version has limited resolutions to offer.


Pixcut by Wondershare is another background remover online that can add a special touch to your photo. With this tool, users can instantly remove backgrounds from their pictures in three simple steps. Without getting pixelated and compromising quality, it isolates the subject from its background effortlessly. You may also input the size of your photo in addition to customizing the background. And yes, you can access this tool online free of charge!


It has a built-in basic photo editing toolkit.

It lets users add shadows for realistic output.


Results are automatically discarded after an hour.


Bg.Eraser has two ways to impress you with its background removal capabilities. With the Magic Eraser, users can wipe or brush out specific areas of a photo. Its Background Eraser tool, on the other hand, automatically removes the background. You can remove backgrounds from both JPG and PNG files using this web-based tool.


Unlimited access for images with a 2MB maximum size.


For an artificial intelligence-powered application, sometimes this tool takes more than a minute to remove a photo.


Last but not least is PhotoRoom. This tool automatically removes the background from any photo while still leaving the subject in HD. A user-friendly interface is immediately apparent at first glance. It supports all dimensions, aspect ratios, and JPG or PNG formats. Furthermore, you can also choose any solid color from the available templates for your background.


It has a preview button to check for preciseness.

Let users download the transparent image.


No options to use another image as a new background.


With the world’s advancements, we need AI-powered applications like these to keep up. Their convenience will enable you to work more efficiently. As all of the options above are free, all you need to do is explore all of them and choose the one that best meets your background removal and editing needs.

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