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Top 7 Best Innovations in Home Décor and Trends in 2021


2020, the year nobody wants to remember, has already ended. And as the new year has come to our lives, people are thinking of new and innovative ideas which have the potential to become a trend in 2021.

The pandemic has hit us hard, and we are still working from our homes. These days, our homes have become more than just a place to stay. It has become our place to work and a place to spend our entire day.

This has caused us to change our décor and find new ideas to make the most out of the home during this quarantine. New ideas come each day. Some of them are liked by so many people that it becomes a trend.

So here are the seven best innovations in home décor and trends in 2021.

a)  Color Burst

In general, the coloring of a room represents a theme or maintains a color scheme. After staying at home for so long, it becomes monotonous to look at the same thing again and again.

So, it is time to think of something new to change the décor.

The pandemic, the bushfires, and some other incidents in 2020 have brought in a lot of negativity. As the times have passed, in the dawn of a new year, it is time to bring back positivity.

And everyone knows that bright colors are the best way to bring back positivity. You can change the coloring of your wall, change the furniture, or set up artwork and showpieces.

Choose bright colors like yellow, pink. These will surely break the monotony of the room and shoo away all the negativity.

b) Bring your workspace to your home

With the current pandemic going on, all of us are stuck in our homes. But the world has not stopped.

Classes are being held online. People are doing their jobs sitting at their homes. This new system of “work from home” has become a part of our daily lives.

However, the environment of home and your workspace are different. You need specific furniture or items in your workplace that might not be at home.

The solution? Bring your workspace to your home.

People are finding alternate methods to get the work environment in their house. And there are some ways you can do that.

You can buy an ergonomically designed office chair. You can also buy a small table to keep your laptop and personal notes. Small shelves are available in the market, which you can use to keep your files. There are products to offer you proper lighting and create a background appropriate for video meetings.

c)      Window blinds

Window blinds, in simple words, are the modern version of curtains. Even though curtains still maintain their popularity, people are discovering new ideas every day

That’s where blinds come. They can be controlled with a mechanism and have multiple uses. You can use them to block out the UV rays by filtering natural light. You can also control the amount of light coming through your windows in an efficient manner. Besides controlling the flow of light, blinders can also control the flow of heat by enhancing the insulation of windows.

Adding up to all these features is its design. The unique design of window blinds adds aesthetic beauty to modern-styled homes.

There are two types of blinders available in the market – the inside mount and outside mount. If your window has enough depth to support a blind in the frame, then you can go for internal blinders. Else, go for an outside mount.

However, outside mount has its problems. Some windows come with molding and trimmings. These can interfere with the binds from functioning properly. Also, pulling the blinds up and down may rub against them and cause the formation of scratches on the blinds.

The solution to this problem is spacer blocks. They help push the blinds away from anything that may hinder the blind from working properly. In general, a spacer block is inserted between the installation brackets and the wall.

If you have an inside mount, then there won’t be an issue. However, in the case of outside mounds, you may need to install spacer blocks for blinds.

d) Add some greenery to your interior décor

Due to this pandemic, we are stuck in our homes. For this, we cannot go outside and enjoy the greens like we used to.

This has caused people to add more greenery to their homes.

You can buy potted plants which add to the beauty of your room and replenishes oxygen. You can grow your own materials by nurturing a kitchen garden.

Having emergency medicine for basic treatment is a great option. You can keep medicinal plants like holy basil, Aloe Vera, mint, etc.

Having plants will enhance your health besides adding something new to your décor.

e)  Integrate technology with your home

With the invention of technology like IoT and microcontrollers like Arduino, man has been able to communicate with machines like never before. These days, you can integrate machines with ordinary things to operate them remotely.

The concept of a smart home is not new, but it has been popular in recent years. You integrate items in your house like lights, tap, door, etc., with technology so that you can operate them while sitting on your couch.

You can install lightings with built-in IoT so that you can turn them on with just a flick of your finger in your smartphone. You can control music, cooling, security all using a single device that you already use every day.

IoT-enabled items are available everywhere these days, and you can surely add them up to your décor.

f)   Burn up those unspent calories

This lockdown has made our stay in our homes all day long. This has caused a restriction in your movement.

The calories that we used to spend while going outside are now remaining in our bodies. In this situation, to remain fit, you can add a few items to your room to do some basic workout.

You can buy a yoga mat, some dumbbells, stick a bar to your door to try, and do pull-ups. You can also buy small versions of motorized or non-motorized treadmills to walk off the calories.

g)  Creative lighting

People spend quite some time and their mind thinking of different lighting places like workspaces, relaxation areas, etc.

However, with people being stuck in their homes, it is time to think about lighting in their homes.

Since you are inside your house all day, why not install lightings designed for environments like workspace or relaxation areas? This way, you can experience the outer world while remaining inside your homes.

Since all of the work has been shifted to your home, it is a good idea to create the best lighting for the specific job.

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