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Top Food Bloggers to Follow in 2022


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Every now and then we need help in deciding what to eat and where to eat. If you wander around in different places in different countries, then choosing the right place is imperative because you only get the chance to experience that food once on foreign soil. Food bloggers are out there doing God’s work and creating content for people who are generally foodies and want to try new food every time they step out.

Not everyone is an experienced or an expert cook, so we do need some guidelines and help to make something good. The recipes and the knowledge that these food bloggers impart are worth their weight in gold. These bloggers have traveled the world and have experienced food firsthand so when they put something on their blog then rest assured the content is quality and reliable.

It is also cool to see the food bloggers try new cities and countries and experience other cultures. We as an audience get to see a free travel blog too with it. That is exactly what we are talking about too, so if you go to the countries or cities that those food bloggers visit, you get a perfect idea of what delicacy to try in that place. Isn’t that the main reason why we follow them?

Top 10 Food Bloggers To Follow in 2022

1.  Migrationology

Mark Wiens is one of the pioneers of food bloggers. His YouTube channel Mark Wiens currently has 8.91 million subscribers. Currently one of the best food bloggers in the world, Mark Wiens started his channel reviewing and tasting local delicacies.

Slowly Mark started exploring further and he started traveling to different countries to experience the food and culture. His most popular series include India, Pakistan, Palestine, and the United States. His other blogs about Turkey, Israel, Dubai, and Japan are well documented as well.

You will not only get the recipes and videos on how the food is made in his blogs but you will also get photos and videos of the places he has visited to capture the food and recipes.

Each and every post of this blogger garner a huge number of likes. If you are too an aspiring food blogger and are looking for an initial hike, then visit Megafamous for free likes.

2.  Love and Lemons

Love and Lemons aesthetically is one of our favorite food blogs. Created by Jeanine Donofrio and started in 2011, Love and Lemons have featured in some of the most prestigious food magazines such as Refinery 29, Oprah Magazine, and Food and Wine.

Love and Lemons has everything on its websites. From Food blogs to recipes and also cookbooks. The recipes on the website are dominated by Vegetarian food. You can filter your search on the website by a special diet, seasons, holidays, and more.

3.  101 Cookbooks

If you’re a sucker for healthy food then Heidi Swanson’s is of your particular interest. The website contains over 750 Vegetarian and Vegan recipes

Heidi Swanson has created successful food blogging on her own by traveling and interacting with different people. You can search for recipes by category which are Vegan, Chocolate, gluten-free, low-carb, and many more. You can also search for recipes via ingredients and by seasons too.

4.  Cookie and Kate

Kathryne “Kate” Taylor started part-time blogging in 2010 before her food blogging career took off with Cookie and Kate and now she does this full time. Cookie is her dog’s name. Kate is a photographer and there are hundreds of healthy vegetarian and whole food recipes to go through.

You can search for recipes on her website by category and there are many categories to select from. The options in the category include cuisine, course, diet, everyday, ingredient, and seasons. You can also directly look for recipes on the homepage for dinner, soups, salads, breakfast, and dessert.

5.  Green Kitchen Stories

As the name suggests, Green Kitchen Stories predominantly focuses on healthy vegetarian food and recipes. The food blog was created by Swedish couple David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl.

The recipes on the couple’s food blog are dominated by the usage of whole food and organic products. On their website, they provide their own supplements as well as recipes. The recipe category includes bread, breakfast, dips and spreads, drinks and smoothies, mains, salads, soup, vegan, lunch therapy, and more. The recipes are aimed at being simple and easy to make.

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6.   Serious Eats

A no nonsense food recipe blogging website, Serious Eats as its name suggests is a blog for recipes for everything that you can count as food. From Pizza, Pasta, Chicken, other meats, Burgers, Sandwiches, and more, Serious Eats has everything.

The Serious Eats approach is clear, they only use recipes that are unique, audacious, innovative, and lip-smacking delicious. One other great aspect of Serious Eats is that they also provide the history and story behind the ingredients used in making recipes. Hey the more you know the better, right?

7.  Sprouted Kitchen

You cannot get more perfection than Hugh and Sara Forte as partners. While Hugh takes the credit for the absolutely stunning food photography for their blogs, Sara is credited with making the recipe section all on her own. See, perfection!

As suggested by the name of the blog, Sprouted Kitchen offers healthy recipes using whole grains, natural alternatives for sugar and syrups, and healthy fats. They offer a long list of options when you talk about the categories they offer for recipes. The list includes Gluten-free, Seasons, Appetizers, Breakfast, Chocolate, Pantry Staples, Side, Entree, Snack, Feeding Babies, Personal, Soup, Beverage, Travel, and Salad.

Source: Freepik

8.  Two Peas and Their Pod

A very wholesome blog started by a couple – Maria and Josh Lichty, Two Peas and Their Pod is a blog for every sweet and savory recipe you want. There are also healthy recipes on their blog.

One section that stands out in their blog is the cookie section, which includes more than 205 cookie recipes. You can get a bunch of recipes from their various categories which include Main Dish, Salad, Vegetarian, Appetizer, Pasta, Breakfast, Dessert, and Side Dishes.

There is one separate section of Sweet Peas Meal, which is a paid section where you will get a new meal plan every week along with the instructions on how to make and a list of ingredients to shop for all the recipes.

9.  Chocolate Covered Katie

We cover one of the most famous and better-known bloggers from the last decade. Katie Higgins has been running the Chocolate Covered Katie blog for over a decade now, she started the blog when she was in college. While the title of the blog is dedicated to chocolate, the blog is anything but that. There is something for everyone on this blog. You can get sweet and savory recipes, healthy, vegan, gluten-free recipes, and of course dessert recipes too. There are even some meat recipes on the blog if you are interested.

Chocolate Covered Katie has been covered(no pun intended!) by various media outlets such as CNN, People Magazine, Bon Appetit, USA Today, Time, and many more.

10. Budget Bytes

Well, not everyone can afford premium ingredients. So very thoughtfully Beth Moncel, the creator of the Budget Bytes blog gives you meals to make on a budget. She wants you to taste the meals like they are premium meals but cost only a minimal amount to make.

Budget Bytes has many meal options with complete recipes with cost analysis, step-by-step methods, grocery list, and preparation time. All these recipes cost a nominal amount to acquire in comparison to the hefty diet or recipe plans from other blogs. You will also be told what to do with the leftovers in the meal plans.


There are many food bloggers in the world right now but only a handful are worth following and even fewer can be relied upon for proper recipes and meal plans. We have provided the list with some of the best food bloggers currently active and worth checking out.

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