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Top Tools That Enhance Employee Engagement Levels


Businesses often confuse employee engagement for employee satisfaction. While both terms may seem similar, they serve two very different purposes. Both are highly important and it is crucial to understand the importance of both to be able to boost employee performance.

An engaged employee is committed to the organization and puts their best foot forward everyday to contribute to the company success. On the other hand, a satisfied employee may not be engaged in their job, but is content and enjoys working for the company.

In this article, we are targeting employee engagement and its benefits. When employees are engaged, they are passionate and dedicated to fulfilling all their work responsibilities. This helps in increasing business productivity and also supports in building a positive work environment.

The pandemic has enforced the remote work culture which has made it difficult to keep employees engaged. Working in isolation is taking a toll on employees and leading to them feeling disengaged. Thankfully, there are plenty of tech tools that help in enhancing employee engagement levels.

Here are the top 4 ones that you must invest in:

Learning Management Software:

One of the best ways to boost employee engagement is to invest in their growth. By understanding their learning needs, you can provide them an exceptional training program with the help of a Learning Management System (LMS).

A LMS is a cloud-based platform that helps you deliver training courses digitally. With built-in eLearning authoring tools and its gamification feature, a LMS helps you create interactive and engaging training content.

Apart from a user-friendly interface and quick navigation aids, modern LMSs provide mobile learning support as well. This makes it easy for employees to access learning from all kinds of devices in a convenient way. 

You can easily find a LMS that matches your budget by comparing their pricing structure. For instance, the Thinkific pricing model shows that it has a free trial and plans starting from as low as $49.

Project Management Tool:

Project management tools allow managers to plan and allocate work to employees in a more structured way. It helps in organizing tasks as per priority and schedule. By managing an employee’s time well, it helps them stay on track.

Within the project management tool, employees too can keep track of their own progress and be aware of who is responsible for what role within the project. With clear understanding of their responsibilities, employees can execute their work without any confusion.

Video Conferencing Tool:

The most vital element of remote work is virtual meetings. When managers fail to value employee time and do not structure virtual meetings the correct way, it leads to employees feeling disengaged.

To conduct effective virtual meetings, it is necessary to make use of a good video conferencing tool. Video conferences bring the social element to a conversation and make it more impactful. Not only is video conferencing more engaging than an audio call, but also allows you to discuss more in less time.

Managers must share the meeting agenda beforehand so everyone is aware of what the topic of discussion is. This provides more structure to the meeting and ensures employees participate and stay involved.

Time Tracking App:

When working from home, employees often fail to maintain a good work-life balance and the lines start getting blurred. This causes disengagement and leads to employees procrastinating work.

To bring them back on track, managers must encourage use of a time tracking app. It helps employees be aware of how long they spend on a given task. With this information, they become more alert of where they are investing their time and stay focused on work.


Leveraging the above-mentioned tools and using employee recognition programs can help you get employee engagement levels higher and motivate them to stay productive.

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