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Top WhatsApp Features to Never Ignore in 2024


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In a world divided between WhatsApp wizards and iMessage emperors, the showdown continues! While North America battles the iMessage empire, the rest of us revel in WhatsApp’s magical arsenal. Pin messages like your favorite superhero, unleash HD photos and videos worthy of the big screen, and savor audio messages that vanish like a magician’s trick. With usernames in play, finding friends is easier than spotting a unicorn. So, whether you’re a pinning pro or an HD aficionado, WhatsApp’s got your back in this epic clash of messaging titans!

Top WhatsApp Features in 2024

  1. Pin Messages in Conversations – A more recent feature on the app is the ability to pin a particular message within a chat thread. Previously, one could only pin chat at the top of the messaging app. In addition to that, you can actually pin specific messages within each individual chat.
  2. HD Videos and Photos on Status – Long gone are the days when WhatsApp used to dampen down your pixel quality for multimedia. These days, not only can you send/receive high quality (HD) videos and photos, but also, you can upload and post on your status.
  3. View-Once Audio Messages – In addition to view-once images and videos. WhatsApp has now enabled view-once audio message. So, no need to worry about someone playing out your voice notes to the wrong crowd.
  4. Username Search – WhatsApp has now made it possible for users to set up their account identity using a username in addition to their phone numbers. As it works out, if you want to search a contact to send a WhatsApp message, you can now search for them using their username in addition to their phone numbers.


As Apple continues playing dictator overlord to folks in North America, the rest of the world are thriving in a democratic space under the reign of Meta’s WhatsApp. It certainly has better features compared to iMessage; some would argue.

This article has highlighted some of the top features on WhatsApp you should definitely try out this year 2024.

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