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Travel Tips; Destination, Lake Turkana – The Cradle Of Mankind

by Milicent Atieno
Travel Tips; Destination, Lake Turkana – The Cradle Of Mankind

We are all Africans, and Lake Turkana basin was our first ancestral home. A trip here is like paying homage to our forefathers.

Purely from an anthropological point of view and basing my argument on archeological artifacts; earliest remains of the early man were found around the Lake Turkana basin. The archeological fact sheets on this argument can be found over on the National Geographic website.

Archeology mumbo jumbo aside, if you are looking for a getaway from all the hustle and bustle of your work, your job, your family or anything else you want a break from. A trip down to Lake Turkana might just be the haven you are searching.

This is a place where craters are popping up right in the middle of the lake, and the water body meets a scorching hot desert. The lake stretched from the northern parts of Kenya all the way to southern Ethiopia, in a picturesque environment reminiscent of landscape you would see in a Martian movie. Probably why both local and international tourists keep making return visits to the area.Travel Tips; Destination, Lake Turkana – The Cradle Of Mankind

The lake has been given so many names in the past, including Lake Rudolf. Something that only goes to prove the enchantment the lake has to visitors who came from far and wide areas to see the lake that supposedly gave forth the human race as we know it.

Lake Turkana also has also made some Guinness Book of Work Records under its belt. It is the largest desert lake in the world and the largest alkaline lake in the world. Beneath the lake’s bed, is a buzz of tectonic activities. It lies on top of volcanic grounds, with complex volcanic activities taking place underneath the water bed. Its waters are rich in carbon dioxide, and the water surface has numerous craters popping up like on the surface of the moon.

Must see Tourist Attractions at the Lake Turkana

If/When you do get to visit Lake Turkana, the Central Island National Park is a must visit, to make the trip all the more worth it. The park has two craters filled up with water, making serene crater lakes. One lake is crocodile infested that is only to be enjoyed from a safe distance away while the other is filled up with the pink flamingoes making it quite a sight to gaze at.

Now, the as beautiful as the lake is, the area is still a desert with temperature capable of rising to as high as 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). That is scorching, so it would be a good idea to bring with you a hut to cover your head, sunglasses, sunscreen for you skin and plenty of bottled drinking water to keep you hydrated.

With the unforgiving heat in the region, there is little to no human settlements. Even the locals referred to as Turkanas avoid living in scorching parts of the area, so human settlement is sparingly distributed. That makes the area quite remote with minimal social amenities, so you will want to make a reservation at the hotels and accommodation facilities constructed along Lake Turkana.

According to online booking service, the Fliye Springs Resort comes highly recommended by many tourists that have visited the lake. The resort is sitting right by the side of Lake Turkana on its western shores.

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