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Use Tracker app to find the best deals and discounts this Holiday season

by Fahad Saleem

People are going crazy over Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Holiday season sales worldwide. A report suggests that online shoppers spent a whopping $9.4 billion on shopping just on Cyber Monday.

How to Find the Best Deals and Discounts Online?

But the biggest challenge people face during online shopping is in finding the best deals and discounts. There are literally thousands of websites and e-commerce stores. Brands keep announcing discount deals. How do you know if the hottest item on your wish list just went for a big discount?

Tracker by I4U News app for Android is the answer. In this app you can just add the items you want to buy. The app will send a notification on your phone as soon as the item is up for sale. The app parses thousands of websites and e-commerce stores and brings in the data users are looking for.

The biggest problem the Tracker app solves is informing customers about the availability of products. During busy shopping season, a lot of people face the problem of shortage of the items they are looking for. It doesn’t make sense for a customer to check online stores and websites again and again to see whether the item is back in stock. The Tracker app simply sends a message/notification as soon as the item you were looking for is back in stock. You can easily buy the product before it goes out of stock again.

The Tracker by I4U News has a strong search feature. You can search for the products you want to buy. For every product, the app shows all the best offers and discounts in the “Offers” section. Using this feature, you don’t have to manually scour the web to find the best deals for products. You can have information on all the best offers right in this app.

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