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VANKYO Performance V700W 1080P Full HD Livehouse Projector | Review

by Felix Omondi

Have you ever stopped to think about how the advancement of technology has actually ruined the raw intimacy and socialization aspects of life? In this case, let us talk about the social aspect of film watching.

The TV set in homes used to be a magnet for socialization. Dad and mom will be in their respective seats while the children pick different sports in the living room. The entire family will enjoy a movie, watch the news, or listen to radio announcements together.

These days with mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Household members can simultaneously watch what they want on their own devices at different places. The kids could forever be locked up in their rooms, breeding antisocial behavior. While dad and mom retreat to their own chambers, oftentimes separately.

Then you wonder why nowadays kids are less social, and spouses have less affection for one another. Even parents being utterly clueless about their kids’ lives.

VANKYO Performance V700W Projector – a Great Social Viewing Experience

To make family viewing great again, you must first give the members great incentive to abandon watching on their smartphones and laptops in their rooms.

Introducing VANKYO Performance V700W 1080P Full HD Livehouse Projector. To make family viewing great again, you must make the watching experience stellar. This article will tell you why the VANKYO V700W projector is the best for the job.

VANKYO V700W 1080 Full HD Projector

  • Dual 5W/4ohn Dolby Audio Speakers

A key part of an excellent film-watching experience is a great audio surround system. You want to hear them as clearly as you watch them. On that front, the VANKYO V700W projector comes with dual 5W/4ohm Dobly Audio speakers that give you an immersive 360-Degree Sound experience.

The viewing experience is augmented with impressive surround sound giving you that rich cinematic experience to rival cinema theatres. It also makes for a great music-listening experience. Not forgetting, it comes with a Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1; it can transmit audio to other Bluetooth devices and also receive audio transmitted from other Bluetooth devices.

  • Bigger, Better, Brighter

The VANKYO V700W projects up to a maximum of 224 inches, dwarfing even those big 60-inch TV people drool over. The projector comes with a free 120-inches display canvas; you can literally stand 1:1 height with the movie stars.

If you want it smaller, you can reduce the scale conveniently by clicking buttons on the projector’s remote control. No need to get up from your seat, at least not for that reason. About the resolutions, the VANKYO V700W has 420 ANSI lumens of brightness. That means you get crisp, clear picture clarity on virtually any space you’re projecting on.

It also means that you don’t have to make the room completely dark. Daytime viewing with the curtains drawn out will not dampen the viewing experience. What about nighttime? Well, the viewing experience can only get better.

  • 5G/2.4G Dual Band Mirroring Functionality

We all love our smartphones. They’re convenient to bring with us everywhere we go, but their screen size is always something we must learn to love. With the VANKYO V700W projector, you no longer have to compromise.

You can mirror your smartphone content onto a big screen projection. The mirroring speed is also quite fast, with the projector’s 5G + 2.4G high-speed screen mirroring technology. That means no more having to make do with great mobile gaming o a small screen. Project it to a larger screen for you and your friends or family to watch you beat your latest high score.

  • Seamless Remote Control Focus

At the press of a button on the projector’s remote control, you can change the focus, screen zoom, and blue light emission. All that makes for a disruption-free film viewing experience. In any case, who would want to stand up from the couch to start fondling, tweaking, propping up, and manually adjusting the projector? You would rather press a few buttons on the remote and fix the problem without having to get up.

  • Low Blue Light Emission

You will be glad to know that the VANKYO V700W has built-in low blue light emission technology and optimal color performance in line with the IEC 62471-5 standards. This feature makes viewing on the projector not only pleasurable since there’s no dampening of color but also safer for the health of your eyes.

  • Multiple Positioning Options

The VANKYO V700W projector can be easily mounted in different positions if you want it to hang from the ceiling or propped up behind or in front of the screen canvas. It has provisions to make that happen effortlessly.

  • Eco-Friendly

The projector comes packed in environment-friendly packaging made out of recycled cardboard. The package’s writings are printed using plant-based soy ink derived from soybeans. The tray that makes up the VANKYO framework is made of fiber pulp. In general, deliberate measures have been put in place to minimize the carbon footprint of the VANKYO projector production and packaging by about 564.5g when compared to conventional packaging.

  • Technical Details:

Display Type




Installation Type






Light Source


Input Signal



Aspect Ratio




Power Supply

AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ

Photo Format Supported


Audio Format Supported



Video Format Support






Audio Out×1


If you’re looking to bring your family closer. It is easier if you have fun activities drawing you together. Sharing a good movie or watching sports is sure one way of going about it. With the VANKYO Performance V700W 1080P Projector, you get crisp, clear, and bright pictures on a big screen.

The VANKYO V700W Livehouse Projector is undoubtedly a world-class entertainment system worth your attention. More details at the manufacturer’s official website.


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