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Wango, the Dating App designed for Women’s biggest concerns on Online Dating, Respect, Privacy, Manners and finding a Gentleman

by Milicent Atieno

Dating in the Past

A long time ago, in many native’ cultures across Africa. All a girl had to do to score a good husband was to learn kitchen duties and a motherly nurturing nature. As far as getting a husband was concerned, that was the responsibility of your parents and your clan’s elders.

They would identify a man from a respectable family; one with a background of hard work, men who can protect their homestead against invaders, a family without a history of witchcraft, or madness that runs in the family.

Current Dating for Smart Accomplished Women

Nowadays, a girl has got to school, get their professional papers, get a good job, make her investments and become a boss lady. However, there is a flip side to that narrative; the higher you go, the cooler it becomes. Yes, just like climbing altitudes, when a girl climbs the education and career ladder, her bed becomes colder. The higher up you go, the more frozen things will feel.

That is because most men are intimidated by an accomplished and educated woman. They see highly educated and professional women not as a damsel in distress, but a damsel of stress. A damsel in distress they love; as they get to play knight in shining armour as they rescue her day. By feeding her, sheltering her, and get the baking rights. For an educated woman, they see you as a damsel of stress; one that will outcompete them in education, career, money, personal growth and everything else.

Online Dating and Women’s Concerns

Nonetheless, technology has made things easier, and the dating world is no exception. An educated damsel will just wipe out her smartphone, (which she bought with her money), and go to various online dating platforms. Since you figure, a man smart enough to enlist himself into a dating service must be well accomplished and not bothered by childish insecurities as the woman in his life doing better than him.

Turns out, most dating platforms; websites, and apps are created by men and for men. The men you meet on these platforms are rude, disrespectful, and are very quick in sending you the nude pictures.

Wango, wants to make it Safe, Private, and Respectful

Now, there is a new dating app out, Wango. It claims to keep the men’s manners on a very tight leash. The Cape Town, South Africa-based dating app, claims to be better at helping women find the ideal man.

By ensuring enlisted men are gentlemen. For a man to enlist, the must sign the ‘Gentleman’s Pledge’, which is a Gentleman’s Code of Conduct, requiring them to observe defined protocols designed to make women feel safe and respected.

Julian Smida, the CEO of Wango said, “This finally gives ladies the opportunity to browse for the man of their dreams while men are obligated to adhere to a Gentleman’s Code of Conduct. Our top priority is to make women feel safe and free on the Wango platform. That is why we are the first dating app where men must agree to a ‘Gentleman’s Pledge’ upon signing up for the app.”

Most women who have used online dating service will attest to being harassed by men and feeling unsafe. That is probably where in many online dating platforms, the ratio of men to women is about 7:3.Wango, the Dating App designed for Women’s biggest concerns on Online Dating, Respect, Privacy, Manners and finding a Gentleman

Most dating apps are designed by men with men in mind, explains Smida. “Wango aims to even out the ratio of men and women that use the app to reflect real-world percentages, whereas most apps are heavily skewed towards male users.

Research conducted is a clear indication that there is a need for a gentleman’s dating app. Women want to feel safe and respected, and men wants a platform where they can prove that gentleman is a species that is still alive and well behaved.

By understanding what women want, Wango is able to deliver a solution that embraces what really matters: manners, respect, and safety.”

Wango app is available for both Android and iOS devices. For more details, head on to their site.

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