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What Does it Really Mean to Work in Sales


Credit: Mikhail Nilov via Pexels

A career in sales is a worthwhile and beneficial path to take, but what does working in sales actually mean?

When you think of a job in sales, you may think of door-to-door Avon selling like Peg in Edward Scissorhands or car sales like Harry Wormwood in Matilda.

While these are both careers in sales, the industry has grown to be much more than what we typically see in movies.

Here’s some information about what a job in sales may look like.


There are so many different areas in sales in which you can work. Most recruitment agencies, like Sales Talent Agency, will have a list of different sales jobs for a variety of clients that you can browse through to find a job that is best suited for your skill set.

Some areas to consider are:

    • Insurance
    • Real estate
    • Software
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Medical Devices

You don’t necessarily need to have a specific degree or any education beyond a bachelor’s degree to get into sales. Many entry-level jobs require no experience.

Once you land your first entry-level job, there is a lot of room for growth in a career in sales. Whether or not you stay with the same company throughout your career, you can climb the ladder and eventually work your way up to jobs with more responsibility (and pay!). 

What’s Involved

While it’s likely that no two days will look the same in a sales career, there will always be more to it than just selling. A big part of a career in sales is making connections, building relationships, and earning trust.

A lot of the skills you will harness in a sales career are transferable to other industries and companies should you want to change careers at some point in your life.

Making Money

One of the best things about a career in sales is that, in most positions, you will earn a commission on top of your base salary. This means that if you work hard and go above and beyond your sales goal, you will be rewarded.

A lot of sales jobs can have you earning a six-figure salary with benefits. It’s also not uncommon to receive bonuses or be sent on all expenses paid work trips.

Should You Go into Sales

Not every personality type is going to be cut out for a job in sales. That being said, there also isn’t one type of person that can excel in a sales role.

It’s a common misconception that all people in sales are extroverted because a big part of the job involves talking and being confident in yourself and what you’re trying to sell. Something people often neglect to recognize, however, is that being a great listener is just as important. Because of this, being more of an introvert or ambivert can help you in your sales career. 

If you are a self-starter, driven, passionate and well-spoken, a career in sales may just be for you. You also have to be comfortable with being rejected. Salespeople get told “no” several times a day, and while it’s normal for this to be frustrating, you can’t let it discourage you or else you’ll never get to the “yes.”

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