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Are you using GitHub as a Backup Solution? Consider then a Change


Today, every company uses popular services to host their Git repositories. It is just a practical, and safe way. For instance, GitHub gives us not only hosting but also provides a lot of additional services, like authorization and integration with many different services so we do not even have to keep our projects on the computer or create our own IT infrastructure. All we need is the so-called external repository.

GitHub and data security – let’s check it out! 

GitHub is considered a reliable and safe hosting platform. According to its shared responsibility model, the company is responsible for ensuring system and application availability and accessibility. First of all users need to have an account that is protected by password and recommended two-factor authentication (2FA). Company recommends changing passwords on a regular basis. Another idea is to use an SSH connection, thanks to which the connection will be encrypted and theoretically no one will be able to intercept such communication. But when it comes to data protection – the responsibility is yours. 

Backup features – what to look for 

GitHub as a backup? Well, absolutely not. To make it more clear let’s find out what features a reliable GitHub backup software should include: 

  • Automation – backup jobs should perform according to the backup plan and schedule.
  • Versioning and long-term retention – those features let you keep different types of copies (full, incremental and differential) for a long-term and recover from the exact point-in-time (it could be also treated as some way of old repositories archiving).
  • Encryption – all copies should be encrypted even before leaving your computer.
  • Central, multi-level management to eliminate administrative overhead and have more control over security. 

So, could we say GitHub is a backup itself? 

No – it does not have the above-mentioned features and despite all its advantages, considering GitHub as a backup tool is wrong. GitHub even recommends having an additional third-party backup tool. So software like might help you meet your responsibilities when it comes to data protection.  It has not only all the mentioned features but also it is easy-to-use yet the most professional and manageable GitHub backup software on the market. And it is accessible directly from the GitHub Marketplace.

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