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What is “MobilityState” and why is it appearing on my Android phone

by Fahad Saleem

On many Android phones, especially Huawei, Samsung and ZTE phones, people receive a brief message that says either “Mobility State: UNKNOWN, Mobility State: Stationary, or Mobility State: Mobile”. It appears and disappears much quickly. Furthermore, it shows up at the bottom of the screen in one of those gray text boxes, the same type of box that appears right after alarm is set on the phone. It happens randomly and does not seem to matter if any app is opened or not.

It is said that it’s a government ban on US military bases worldwide. The ban on the sale of Huawei and ZTE phones, by Pentagon on military bases, is based on the potential security threat the Pentagon believes the phones from China- based companies may pose.

People have discussed this topic on several web forums and suggested a lot of reasons of why this “MobilityState” is appearing on the phones. Mentioned below are a few reasons, according to Android phones’ owners:

  • If the phone is not used in the Safe Mode, it appears. When the phone is switched to the Safe Mode, the issue no longer persists and starts reappearing if Safe Mode is turned off.
  • Turning off the location fixed the issue of these toast notifications for a few Android users.
  • Phones with Cricket have this issue. In this case, if one has to get rid of the issue, go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Turn off the Cricket Wi-Fi Manager and the issue no longer appears in the phone.


  • Check if some third-party application is the reason behind this issue. This can be done by looking for the battery stats and seeing the apps being run while these notifications are appearing. Delete the app that seems to be a cause. If the app that is causing the issue is not found this way, then uninstall apps one-by-one and check which app caused the problem.


  • Several Android users, experiencing the issue of toast notifications in their phones suggest to download the app: Toast Source. By the help of this application, it can be identified what’s giving the toasts.


  • A lot of Android users are of the opinion that Cricket and ZTE are the main culprits of the “MobilityState”, since almost all the phones with Cricket and ZTE are having this issue. They say that this issue cannot be fixed till a patch is provided by the Cricket.



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