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What Makes Drupal One of the Best CMS


Any business needs a digital presence to be successful. By reaching a vast internet audience, retailers expand their customer base and boost the bottom line. Today, a company that is not reachable online is doomed. 

With Drupal, website development is uncomplicated and affordable. It is a powerful website-building technology. Discover Drupal eCommerce services on and the benefits they bring. With this content management system, you can expect a boost in revenue. Here is what makes it stand out.

Key Benefits of Drupal

Drupal has quite a few advantages over competing content management systems. Here are the most notable ones.

1. Open Source Nature

Many CMS products require a paid license. Free alternatives, on the other hand, fail to deliver consistent results. Drupal 8 is classified as open-source software, and it is licensed under the GPL.

As the distribution and use of Drupal 8 are unrestricted, it is effortless to customize it according to your needs. Add and remove features as you see fit. An abundance of community-contributed modules – more than 43,000! Adjustment is easy and does not require communication with creators.

Open-source software products have another essential advantage. A vast global community closely monitors these systems. Drupal is being refined all the time. Developers detect and eliminate any bugs quickly.

    2. It Is Flexible

The system is module-based: it includes the core and additional elements. Here, your choice is inexhaustible, as there are so many ready-made options. Module architecture allows for effortless amendments. It is easy to keep a website updated.

This flexibility makes Drupal attractive to big and small businesses alike. Companies that aren’t ready for a sizeable investment may begin with basic functions and add more features afterward. Drupal is useful for companies in any field — from online stores to the media.

Today, cybercrime is rampant and ubiquitous. Users abandon sites that fail to safeguard their data. This is why Drupal security updates arrive weekly. Sensitive data of both customers and site owners is safely encrypted in compliance with industry standards.

3. Modules and Speed

With thousands of modules available, the functionality of your website may be impressively diverse. Effortless navigation and interactive features will turn first-time visitors into regular customers. A store that feels like a maze is bound to fail.

Meanwhile, the management of your system will be a breeze. Any conceivable configuration implements according to your wishes. The built-in caching feature allows quick loading times. It puts less pressure on the server, so your site is always responsive.

Collective Work

This CMS is a product of collective effort and incessant creative collaboration. Developers and users from around the world contribute to Drupal’s evolution. It is a vibrant community focused on efficiency.

The new modules, patches, and updates are regular. As the system changes, the same applies to all related documents and manuals. Incessant improvement is the philosophy of Drupal, and the benefits for customers are evident.

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