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How to get Professional Music Mixing and Mastering Online to enrich your DIY Music Recording


Send your skeleton music recording to Sonic Boom Mixing and Mastering Pros for professional mixing and mastering. The end product being professional enough for radio and streaming platforms.

Do you love singing in the shower? Has someone told you that you have such a great voice? Do you do renditions of songs better than the originals artists? Can you write your song?

If your answer to all the above questions – especially the last one – is yes. Then you should join the music industry as a professional artist. Yes, get your song out on the radio and the popular music streaming platforms.

At this point, you must be having tens of reasons for ‘why not’ for each of the questions above. You probably think you need a great artist like Jay Z, 50 Cent, Rihanna to discover. Perhaps you are even hoping some great recording labels will identify you.

While that seems to be the route taken by most great artists when starting, these days, you can bootstrap your way into the industry. You don’t need a great name opening the right studio doors, putting you in front of great promoters, and record labels. What determines the success or failure of a music artist is their fans.

It is either they love your music or don’t love your music, period. You might have the biggest names in the industry behind your back, but without writing great music, people will not listen to it.

How to Boostrap your Way into the Music Industry

Thanks to technology, anybody having access to a microphone, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone can produce music. Granted, there are more sophisticated and expensive devices typically used to produce radio-standard music.

Armed with the above-mentioned rudimentary devices. You can get a long way towards producing your music. However, it will still be basic in nature, just the skeleton, and will definitely not be professional enough to make it in the ‘showbiz’ industry. The industry is largely impatient and unforgiving. If it is not quality, they will not even listen to the first 5 seconds of the music playback.

Sonic Boom Mixing and Mastering Pros

Artists living in modern times have technologies that make music production affordable and still maintain quality standards. There are companies to whom you can send the skeleton version of your music, and they enrichen it to standards suitable for radio and streaming platforms.

This article will feature one such company, the Sonic Boom Mixing and Mastering Pros. All you need is to record your music, which you can do from anywhere, like in your bedroom or garage. Then send them the music recording file via the internet. They have world-class music producers, mixers, and masters who will then work on the skeleton-music you have shared. After they have tweaked it to standard, they will send it back to you via the internet.

The end product from Sonic Boom Mixing and Mastering Pros will be professional enough for you to present to a radio station or upload it to a streaming platform. Only then can you stand a chance to receive a listening ear, especially from professionals in the industry and huge listeners base.

What they offer

Mixing – Includes balancing track components, changing frequency content, panning, dynamic boosting, and adding special effects such as reverb, delay, and more.

Mastering – Applying dynamic compression and equalization for playback optimization on all audio systems. 

Complete Mixing and Mastering – By combining the most advanced mixing and mastering methods, the song is being creatively processed until the final sound is as wide and enhanced as the sound of any major track played on the radio.

Upgrade Mixing and Mastering – Creative analysis and arrangement for the complete mix utilizing analog gear and editing techniques to reach the highest level of music production



If you have a track that you know will be a hit. Don’t let studio costs keep you from reaching your listeners. Reach out to Sonic Boom Mixing and Mastering Pros today, and get the best mixing and mastering service done fast and professionally. For all your online audio mixing and mastering service, reach them at their website at this link.

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