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What to Do Before Your App Goes Live


Planning the concept, making the app and seeing the app go live is a great feeling; all of your hard work, commitment and creativity all build up to that moment. It’s a moment to feel proud of. Your app is now out there for millions of people to use and enjoy.

Before you get to that final step, however, there is a number of things you should do to ensure a smooth launch and to secure downloads and purchases.

1.   Create a Buzz

Before your app is even in the app store, you want people to be excited and ready and waiting for it to go live.

As you will already know, the app store has a chart system, and you should take advantage of this when it first goes live. The more people download the app, the higher it will rise on the charts, and the more exposure it will get.

Depending on the nature of the app, it can be beneficial to create social media accounts solely dedicated to the app. Create a Twitter, gain a following, and start a countdown until it goes live. Keep your most dedicated followers in the loop to keep them interested and eager for the upcoming launch of your app.

After the app goes live, you can keep using the social media accounts to stay in contact with your customers and make any further announcements easily.

2.   Run Thorough Tests

The last thing you want is for your app to have a bug or fault after it has gone live. You’ll certainly know about it from early reviews.

Make sure you take advantage of mobile game testing services who will give your app a complete check to ensure it is all running smoothly.

3.   Ask for Opinions

Give close friends or family members early access to the app and ask them their opinion about it. Objective insight is invaluable; they may be able to spot an issue that you had overlooked.

Early access for dedicated followers is also a great option; it rewards them for their support and gives you the opportunity to learn what your followers and customers are thinking. Once it has gone live, ask them to write a review in the app store to boost your ratings.

4.   Prepare Advertisements

You should have your advertisements ready to launch at the same time as your app. Design a marketing campaign, most likely digital, that makes the most of your assets and gets the name of the app out there.

An increasingly popular form of advertisement is endorsement through social media influencers. Contact a number of influencers and ask them to promote your app, whether it is through a video on YouTube, a story on Instagram, or a simple tweet. This will give you access to a pool of potential customers.

The most essentials things for preparing for your app’s launch are ensuring that there are no bugs or issues and that people know it is going to be launched and are excited to download it!

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