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Who carries your Package, and When will it Arrive? The full information on one site


We have seen it all when it comes to the excitement of new packages. When will my order arrive? What’s the current status of my parcel? These are some of the general FAQs that our team gets every day at your tracking service company.

We have jotted down today the guide with all of your queries that people asked with us daily. However, if you are in a hurry and looking for a quick solution for tracking, use 4px tracking as a fast-tracking service.

Let’s grasp the content now.

What are the calculated dispatch days of the package?

According to our ordertracker team, the typical days are around 2 to 5 business days. Although, sometimes due to, unexpected circumstances may differ and affect the time and days of the delivery. Examples include public holidays, bad weather conditions, and working fixed hours for the delivery driver and employees.

How can I identify on my own when I’ll get my delivery:

You must have the tracking number to track correctly when you are getting your desired package. Just you need to go to the company’s website and insert the tracking number over there. The tracking company will inform you shortly where your package and sorting center is and the estimated AL arrival time.

If you are purchasing the goods from Amazon, go to your Order section and the progress of your purchase along with the expected arrival date.

Additionally, you will get the tracking number when your package shipping is confirmed. The seller or the store will email you the tracking number.

Is tracking a package through Ordertracker difficult:

The whole process contains only two steps. Just visit It will display the tracking number bar. Just insert your tracking number, and you are good to go.

However, remember that if you want to keep track of various packages at once, then input the tracking numbers with space or use “;” for better results. Then click the enter button to send your request forward.

Is tracking the package safe by both sender and receiver?

Well, yes. The tracking number is public information and doesn’t cause any harm to your confidential data. So, it is pretty much safe for everyone to track the status and updates of the shipment.

This is the primary reason carriers don’t prefer to enter sensitive and private information on their tracking page like street numbers, recipient names, addresses, and content of the box.

Is sharing a tracking number with anyone safe?

As we discussed above, tracking numbers are not considered restricted information. However, to prevent theft and tampering, the orders carriers don’t include their tracking platform’s exact home addresses, names, and street numbers.

The tracking status shows the order was delivered, but I haven’t received it.

The package notification and status are very authentic. It says the package is delivered, then most likely, the delivery is done somewhere. You can take various essential steps to identify and track the location of your box.

  • Take a look at the tracking information of the delivery location correctly. Most often, the delivery details will tell you specific information, such as Left in the mailbox or left on the porch. Just look around sometimes. The carrier didn’t mistakenly add the information.
  • Sift through your delivery address. Sometimes a little mistake in your address means your package is delivered at home but unfortunately not at home.
  • Ask your neighbors too. We need to understand delivery drivers are human too and can make mistakes. Usually, the packages might end up in the neighbor’s house, so check with your neighbors.
  • Check the notice of attempted delivery. If, in some unexpected circumstances, delivery drivers left a note at your front door or in your mailbox to make you informed.

Let’s Wrap up:

Your package goes through many ways before reaching you, like pre-shipment, on its way, in transit, departed from the carrier, and many more. So stay calm. However, if you still haven’t received the package after the expected days, get in touch with the employee for more authentic updates. If they cannot sort the matter, contact the seller who dispatched you the box.

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