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Fix App Badges Not Showing Numbers in Galaxy S8 and Other Android Devices

by Fahad Saleem

The Samsung Galaxy S8 users are facing the issue of their App badges not showing any number for the notifications. But when the user opens the App, there are new notifications. Here are why the App badges are not showing numbers and how to resolve the annoying issue.

App Icon Badge Settings

The latest version of Android, Oreo, has a new feature of turning off the App icon badge. Thus, make sure the App icon badge setting is turned on. Go to your phone’s Settings and tap on notifications. Scroll down to ‘App icon badges’ and toggle on the switch next to it. Next, tap on the ‘App icon badges’, rather than the toggle, and ensure that ‘show with numbers’ is selected to show the notification count on the Apps.

Samsung Experience Home

Go to your phone’s Settings and then go to Apps. Now, click on the three dots at the top right corner and select ‘special access’. Then, go to ‘notification access’ and tap on ‘Samsung experience home.’ Now, make sure the Samsung experience home is turned on. If not, turn it on.

Clear Cache

To enable numbers on App badges, clear your phone’s cache. Go to your phone’s Settings and then go to Applications. Under the Application tab, go to Application Manager and tap on your browser App to clear its cache. Upon confirmation, tap on yes to clear cached data. Then, force stop the browser App.

Safe Mode

Try to reboot your phone in safe mode to make sure if any third-party App is causing the problem. If the problem doesn’t persist in safe mode, it’s a good sign that an App you have installed is the cause of your issue. Finding the culprit App is a bit difficult, but try deleting the Apps one by one to check which one is causing the problem. This can resolve the issue of App badges not showing numbers.


Factory Reset

To factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S8, turn off your device. Then, press and hold the volume up key and the Bixby key, then press and hold the power key. Release all the keys when the green Android logo appears. Now, press the volume down key several times to enable wipe data or factory reset. Press the power button to select. Then, press the volume down key until ‘yes, delete all user data’ appears. Finally, press the power button to select and start the master reset. After the master reset is completed, select ‘reboot system now.’

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