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Why Mobile Casinos are likely to Grow even further


In recent years, the online casino industry’s success has skyrocketed, being valued at $57.11 billion last year. As technology continues to develop at a tremendous rate, it’s created a huge array of capabilities for online casino growth. Not only the online casino sector but the mobile gaming sector, in general, has seen a significant increase in usage and profits. According to JackpotCity casino, there are a wide range of technological features that have contributed to the success of mobile casino games.

Below, we will take a look at the factors that are driving this growth and look at what tech developments we can expect to see in the mobile gaming sector over the next few years.

What growth are we seeing in the online gaming sector?

With digital growth currently booming, the online gaming sector is expected to be worth $100 billion by 2026. While other industries like retail are struggling in current economic conditions, the logistics of online gaming mean that people from all over the world can enjoy their favorite games. Mobile casino games have become particularly popular in which 96% of casino players now prefer to play their favorite casino games at home.

This is not the only shifting dynamic as without the restrictions and stigmas attached to traditional brick and mortar casinos, a new generation of mobile casino players are emerging. One of the key trends is a rise in younger players, with the average player age in the UK being between 18-24.

In the US, more and more women are playing mobile casino games, with 57% of online gamblers being female. Mobile casino games are helping to reduce traditional barriers to accessing such means of entertainment, creating a more diverse market as a result.

What factors are making mobile casinos more popular?

There are a variety of factors driven by technological developments that are facilitating the popularity of mobile gaming. Some of these include:

Wider availability of smartphones

Statistics show that there are now over six billion active smartphone subscriptions in the world, with the most active countries being the US, China and India. As smartphone technology becomes more affordable, more and more people can utilize features like online banking, online researching and particularly mobile gaming.

Easier ways to pay

Thanks to new and innovative technologies like e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, it has never been easier for online gamers to pay. When using mobile casino apps, players can use the likes of Apple Pay, PayPal, or even Bitcoin. Such technologies reduce the risk of financial fraud while protecting the gamers anonymous integrity.

Improved gaming quality

While online casino games used to be enjoyable but basic, today’s games are more like a video game experience, fully immersing the player in a narrative. Many even utilize movie and tv show themes.

What mobile casino developments can we expect in the future?

Overall, it is exciting time for the mobile casino industry. With reduced barriers to access and an enhanced gaming experience, it’s no wonder the industry is growing so quickly.

Make sure you are part of the revolution.

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