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Women’s Preferences in Video Gaming Will Surprise You


Women gamers are many today and they do have their preferences. Find out what those are and what games make the most impression on female gamers.

What Type of Games Do Women Prefer?

In case this is a news flash for you, it’s still good to know that women are gamers. They have preferences, they have tastes, and if anything, they may actually be the bigger gamer demographics. Sure, women aren’t hardcore gamers and they will probably not make a career out of gaming, unlike some men, but they do go online at least as much as men.

In fact, the evidence is mounting that women gamers tend to overtake their male counterparts, including in more skill-based games, too, and this is a good thing. Yet, one can’t help but wonder what type of games do women prefer? What is the type of gaming that best fits the women’s perspective?

Women Are Omnivorous Gamers

To put it simply, women do play everything, and by everything, we do mean everything. You will see women in MMORPGs, you will see women playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on a competitive level, and more importantly, you will see women in all types of fantasy video games.

So, why are girls so keen on gaming? It seems to be simple – for the same reasons men are. Games are a great way to unwind from a busy day or even spend most of your day. Thanks to their numerous scenarios and immersive environments, games make for the perfect escape mechanism that feels rewarding while being very accessible.

Players are able to enjoy worthwhile and fulfilling experiences that are often immediate, and a workable goal that is often more pleasurable to do than some real-life chores or tasks. Another reason for the introduction of women into video gaming is the lack of gender bias.

Gamers only care about having a good time, and if a woman can make it to the top or be an enjoyable partner so be it. Another positivity of involving more female gamers is that the video gaming community is getting more mature, with that “woman’s touch” effect working out all for the better!

This all brings the question, what are the games women engage the most with, and why?

Women Are King of Mobile Gaming

If there is one segment where women are supreme that is mobile gaming. Mobile gaming is created to entertain both a competitive and more casual crop of players. On the one hand, you have women who engage in Candy Crash, but on the other, we have seen gamers join PUBG and Brawl Star contests.

Why mobile, though? It’s precisely because the games in this segment tend to be very recreational and flexible. Unlike other games that demand a lot of attention and time, mobile games are happy to be casual and undemanding on the surface.

Yet, if you bother to take a crack underneath that leisurely surface, you will discover a world of advanced gaming opportunities helping you enjoy the games you have at your hands even more.

Women are masters of casual gaming, but they also excel as competitive gamers, too, which make for an interesting observation.

Give a Woman a Reason to Play

More importantly than anything else, female gamers tend to be more goal and reason-oriented. Men tend to be competitive, but women thrive not on competitiveness but on setting clear-cut goals.

You can task an all-female CS: GO squad with planting a bomb as Terrorists and they will do so gladly, so long as the objective is clearly set. It’s not a matter of being competitive, but rather succeeding.

As a result, many women are now making an entry into the competitive video gaming scene, known as “esports.” Video gamers who love to play for the competition have proliferated. Yet, it’s all-female teams that have been putting a solid dent in the competitive ecosystem.

Gamers today come from all genders and all backgrounds. Seeing more female players queuing up for competitive events is definitely inspiring and a clear indicator for the future of video gaming where men and women will compete equally, surpassing traditional sport by a fair margin.

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