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12 Best Coffee Shops in New York

by Fahad Saleem

It is hard to find the best coffee shop in New York because of the sheer number of coffee shops in the city. But we are here to make your life easier. In this article, we mention the best coffee shops based on customer reviews, coffee quality, coffee subscription service, and overall ambiance.  You can sit down and enjoy a book with the brightest espresso, the best-made cappuccino, or just a really good drip coffee.

Black Fox

Black Fox on Pine Street is a bright and spacious café that has the best gourmet coffee. It’s packing in downtown workers looking for a coffee fix and above-average coffee shop food.


Devoción is the sprawling roastery and café, outpost of a coffee roaster in Bogota, Colombia. Raw beans arrive here, straight from Colombia just 10 days after being picked. Therefore, some of the freshest coffee is found here.

Box Kite

The team at Box Kite serves some of the best coffee to the neighborhood. It’s difficult to land at a seat at peak times. The service here is awesome with a collaborative and gracious team.

Plowshares Coffee Bloomingdale

It’s a cool, cozy outpost with creative, minimal and tasteful interior. It offers one of the best coffees in town.

Happy Bones

It’s a minimalistic coffee shop that offers global publications and local art for viewing. It’s a quiet and tiny gem of Italy. In addition to delicious espresso, you can relax here with your Flat White.

Blue Bird Café

It’s a great tiny coffee shop that roasts their own beans. It offers free Wi-Fi, awesome local art displayed and home-made sandwiches for lunch and breakfast, with lots of seating in a comfortable atmosphere.

Cha Cha Matcha

This coffee shop is themed adorable pink retro that focuses on of course, Matcha. Employees here are providing quick and friendly service.


Intelligentsia Coffee Highline Coffeebar

The quiet ambiance here makes for a delightful experience and a borderline European coffee outing. It is known nationwide for how seriously they take their coffee.

Toby’s Estate Coffee

It offers not only pour overs, but baristas here pull espresso shots on a La Marzocco Strada machine with painted matte. It’s a six-seat espresso bar inside of the Club Monaco’s flagship store after a Fifth Avenue shopping spree.


Here, you can choose your bean among several on the menu as well as an array of different brewing methods. This makes the experience here as much of a draw as the coffee.


This popular East Village coffee shop has been moved by owners into a bigger location and added booze and more food options in 2016. It provides a chill and cozy neighborhood spot for grabbing coffee and espresso.

Seven Point Espresso

This Australian café in Prospect Heights serve Counter Culture coffee and espresso and offers a small menu of café fare like egg sandwich, waffles and toasts.

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