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50 Sources of Funding for Women-owned Businesses

50 Sources of Funding for Women-owned Businesses

Women have to swim upstream against a strong current compared to their male counterparts when it comes to establishing and running a successful business. They face a lot of challenges when venturing into the entrepreneurship world; including that they make it not because of their looks but brains, they have to prove they are just as good as the men if not better among many other myriads of challenges.

In our today’s article, we’re going to address one of the biggest challenges not just unique to female entrepreneurs, but also, the underrepresented groups venturing into the world of business. This challenge is the lack of access to capital; it just doesn’t flow that easily to the people that need it the most!

The following is a list of sources of capital that women entrepreneurs can benefit from. We have compiled this list from authoritative and random sources from the Internet. The list is as follows:


Angel Networks, Syndicates, VCs & Other Resources

1 37 Angels
2 500 Women 500 Startups’ Angelist syndicate investing in women founders
3 Angel Academe
4 Aspect Ventures
5 Astia Angels
6 BBG Ventures
7 Belle Capital Early-stage angel fund focusing on underserved capital markets
8 Broadway Angels women investing in both male and female-led teams
9 Canaan Partners
10 Catalytic Women Impact + Gender lens + investment
11 Ceres Venture Fund All-women venture fund in Chicago, invests in early stage ventures in mid-west
12 Cowboy Ventures
13 Empire Angels
14 Forerunner Ventures
15 Founders Fund
16 Global Fund for Women
17 Global InvestHer Growing women leaders in corporations, investing in women entrepreneurs
18 Golden Seeds
19 Illuminate Ventures Founded by Springboard alumna Cindy Padnos
20 Launch Angels Early-stage firm investing in companies sourced through equity crowdfunding sites
21 Phenomenelle early stage fund that invests in women and minority owned or managed businesses in Wisconsin and the Midwest
22 Pipeline Fellowship angel investing bootcamp for women, focused on investing in women social entrepreneurs
23 Pique Ventures
24 Plum Alley
25 Portfolia
26 Scale Investors
27 Scale Ventures
28 Springboard Fund invest in women-led high growth businesses, starting with Springboard alumnae
29 Starvest Partners
30 The JumpFund
31 The Smart Party Online crowdfunding for women startups in Birmingham, Alabama.
32 Tony Burch Foundation micro-loans for women entrepreneurs
33 Topstone Angels
34 Wedu Investing in women leading change
35 Women in Venture LA
36 Women Investing In Women
37 Women’s Capital Connection regional angel fund investing in women-led companies surrounding Kansas City
38 Women’s Earth Alliance
39 Women’s Foundation of California Grants
40 Women’s Funding Network
41 Women’s Global Connection
42 Women’s Venture Capital Fund Small fund focused on west-coast digital media and sustainability companies led by women
43 X Squared Angels – angels in Ohio investing in companies with women in senior leadership

The A List of Investors

Other lists that include great resources for women founders



1 AngelList Women Investors
2 Cyrus Innovation’s list of resources for women entrepreneurs
3 Mackenzie Burnett’s: List of Female Angle and Early-Stage Investors in Tech, lengthy list of mostly individual angels.
4 Melissa Pierce’s list of 105 female venture capitalists and angels on, larger stage investors
5 Plum Alley’s list of Female Investors
6 Quora’s list of female investors: and
7 Twitter Angles list of members: Introducing #Angels

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