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Best New Android, iOS Apps of January 2016

by Fahad Saleem

The year 2016 started with a bang of new fresh app. It is the start of a new era and we expect to see a lot of updates in the hardware, software, mobile and Enterprise area. For now, we will give you a new iteration of our famous best app of the month series. So here is the roundup of the best new Android and iOS apps of January 2016.

Best New Android and iOS apps of January 2016

HERE Maps (Android)

Price: Free

It has got maps for more than a 100 countries and gives you turn by turn directions; offering you a voice guided driving, walk navigation or a public transport route. It is available offline. You can save your maps and routes in advance, while heading out. It has tons of other features as well and deserves your attention for sure. Definitely one of the best new Android apps of January 2016.

best app of january 2016 1

Apps (Android)

Price: Free

Explore the Play Store’s most popular apps in just one click. It will show you the best app fetched through the annoying candy crushers and the rest of unwanted games you never wanted to look for. It brings you productivity and it brings it in a jiffy. Do try, it is one of the best android apps of January 2016.


best app of january 2016 2

Tribe – Magical Messaging (iOS)

Price: Free

Want to text but don’t want to type? Well, don’t, if you have this app. It is a fun new messaging app. You can text, you can send a voice note and you can send whatever you want with the ease which no other messaging app gives you. And if the others don’t use the Tribe app, it will still send your messages as texts. The light and colorful interface helps you handle conversations faster. Do check this best new iOS app of January 2016.

best app of january 2016 3


Microsoft Selfie (iOS)

Price: Free

It is a selfie and photo enhancement app which uses computer vision technology and intelligently considers the age, skin tone, gender, lighting and other aspects to enhance your photo. The result is a much more enhanced yet natural looking photo. The app is a charmer and definitely one of best new iOS apps of January 2016.

best app of january 2016 4


Blinko (iOS)

Price: Free

This app will instantly take the details of a contact from a picture. When in a hurry (which one always is) you just need to take a snapshot and then later you can recover the details easily with this app. Just provide a photo (taken from the app or chosen from the gallery) and then instantly call, email or Google.

blinko ap


Endless Learning Academy (iOS)

Price: Free

It is a great learning app for kids and brings along a lot of educational stuff that you would want your toddler to learn. It includes ABCs, reading, vocabulary, 123s, spellings, quantity and much more.

best app of january 2016 6

The app definitely deserves a place on your phone if you have kids. It is one of the best new iOS apps of January 2016.

Wildcard (Android)

Price: Free

It is a curated news delivery app which based on a smart streamlined card technology helps you speedily skim through summaries or just scan headlines based on your interests. Its content is human curated and customized to your needs with constant updates. The app is one of the best new Android apps of January 2016 for its smart card solution and more relevant results.

best app of january 2016 7


Defumblr Smart Lock Screen (Android)

Price: Free

A phone’s lock screen can be the most useful place if utilized smartly. It can even eliminate the need to unlock the screen most of the times. For quite often we find ourselves unlocking our phones for petty information that could be easily placed on the locked screen. Download this app and it does this job quite efficiently; with advance machine learning, it identifies information which is important to you and presents it on the lock screen in bite-size and actionable format.

best app of january 2016 8

Grayout (iOS)

Price: $2.99

It is a game for the fans of text adventurers, interactive fictions, word puzzles, story- driven games and emotional simulations. It is a sensational game set in medical dystopia.

best app of january 2016 9

CornerTube – PiP Player for YouTube (iOS)

Price: $2.99

It is a solution to watch your videos while you are doing multiple other things on your iPad. You can stick the YouTube video anywhere on the screen and continue doing your work on another app. It takes the links from any other apps and automatically opens it in this convenient app.

best app of january 2016 10

Clipboard Actions (Android)

Price: Free

It is a smart clipboard which offers you loads of actions with your copied texts. It allows you to shorten the links, share images and videos instantly, convert currency, search the copied text on google, and much more. Seeing the list of actions it offers on such a convenience of a single touch, it is surely one of the best new Android apps of January 2016.

best app of january 2016 11


Let us know in the comments which app you liked the most.


Images : Google, iOS Play Stores

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